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Names of colors in English


Color in English is collectively known as “color”, learning vocabulary about color topics in English is an important step for those who want to expand their vocabulary and develop their English speaking and communication skills. The words for color are essential and are used a lot in descriptive sentences, narration, and even mood expressions.

Names of colors in English

Name of letters in English

Names of colors in English

In this article, what do we learn?

– Color models and applications
– Names of the most common colors in English
– Color classification in RYB color system

Color has a certain influence on mood, opinions and even affects people’s perceptions and perceptions, such as blue associated with trust and stability, symbolic yellow. For happiness and energy, green or green symbolizes calm and peace.

1. Color models and applications

Color is one of the most basic vocabulary topics you need to study when learning any language because colors and shapes are the first characteristics to organize and classify the world. Currently, some popular color systems used in different fields are RGB, RYB & CMYK.

Inside, RGB The application is used as the standard color signage on the Internet, and is applied in the electronics industry, particularly the display. RGB stands for 3 primary colors in the system: red (red), green (green) and blue (blue).

Color system RYB – stands for 3 primary colors in the system: red (red), yellow (yellow) and blue (blue) used in the field of painting. Color system CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Keyline, respectively cyan, dark red, yellow and black. Black is used by the word Keyline (K) instead of Black (B) to distinguish it from blue (Blue).

2. Names of the most common colors

Red: red
Orange: orange
Yellow: yellow
Green: green
Blue: blue
Purple: purple
Brown: brown color
Magenta: dark red
Melt: yellow brown
Cyan: cyan
Olive: yellowish green
Maroon: chestnut / dark brown
Navy: dark blue
Aquamarine: emerald color
Turquoise: turquoise
Silver: silver color
Lime: lemon yellow
Indigo: indigo
Violet: purple, bluish
Pink: pink
Black: black
White: white
Gray / Gray: gray

3. Color classification in RYB color system

To help you learn vocabulary about colors easier and remember faster, will classify colors into three main categories: primary colors (primary), secondary colors (secondary) and secondary colors.

a. Basic color: is a collection of colors that can be combined to create a useful color range but cannot mix other colors to create this color.

Three basic colors of the RYB system:

Red: red
Yellow: yellow
Blue: blue

b. Secondary colors: are colors created by combining 2 primary colors together

Red + blue = green (red + blue = green)

Red + yellow = orange (red + yellow = orange)

Blue + red = purple (blue + red = purple)

c. Color level 3: the colors created by combining a base color and a color level 2. This combination creates many different shades of color.

blue + green = teal (blue + green = turquoise)

yellow + green = lime (yellow + green = lemon yellow)

red + green = brown (red + green = brown)

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