"Hà Lan cần phải cấm Bitcoin ngay lập tức"

‘Netherlands must ban Bitcoin now’

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“Netherlands Need to Ban Bitcoin Immediately”

A senior Dutch official recently urged the government to ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Pieter Hasekamp, ​​Director of the Office for Economic Policy Analysis of the Netherlands, under the National Ministry of Economy and Climate Policy, has just published an article titled “The Netherlands must ban Bitcoin”.

“Cryptocurrencies are not suitable as a means of payment other than for criminal acts,” the director said.

In the article, Hasekamp went on to emphasize: “The collapse of the crypto bubble is inevitable… The Netherlands must ban Bitcoin immediately.”

Several countries are now introducing measures to restrict the cryptocurrency market, due to the harms – fraud, crime, gambling, financial instability, huge waste of energy in mining…

“The final step is to completely ban the production, trading and even ownership of cryptocurrencies,” he concluded.

However, Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra said a ban was not the solution for now, despite acknowledging Pieter’s concerns.

The Finance Minister believes it is better to monitor the industry rather than ban it outright.

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