New features of Kaspersky Internet Sercurity 2017

Kaspersky Internet Sercurity or KIS 2017 is the newly released version of Kaspersky security software with more advanced features besides the old and improved features. Kaspersky is also a security software that is always in the top of the best security applications in the world, considering the huge number of KIS downloads. This article we will see the new feature of Kaspersky Internet Sercurity 2017.

For a security software, the features that need to talk about antivirus, the most basic feature of the anti-virus software or protect the user’s computer from malicious code, however, for the safe status. Information is still available, but there are many risks that users need to be protected, such as banking transactions, tracking software, user information theft. Here are some of the new features of Kaspersky Internet Sercurity 2017.

1. New features of Kaspersky Internet Sercurity 2017 – Upgrade to Safe Money feature

This is a feature built on Kaspersky to ensure the security of online transactions. When technology and the Internet are on the rise, people often exchange, buy and sell on the Internet and online payment tools. This creates additional risks for users when online payment information can be exposed or caught in scams at any time.

This technology allows online transactions to be conducted in an absolutely protected environment. In case of secure transactions, the browser window will show blue.

2. New features of Kaspersky Internet Sercurity 2017 – Upgrade to Privacy Protection

Spyware (spyware) is always a potential risk for computer users, because the nature of spyware stays dormant on the computer, does not show any symptoms on the computer and silently monitors and collect your personal information such as data on your computer or use webcams, microphones for malicious purposes.

Privacy Protection technology will prevent unauthorized access to your devices such as webcams or microphones from malware. You will no longer need to worry about being tracked and collected

3. New features of Kaspersky Internet Sercurity 2017 – Features Private Browsing

Kaspersky’s Private Browsing feature is added to the software to prevent problems you encounter on the Internet. When browsing the web, many special services are tasked with tracking your behavior, retrieving user data in order to display and display targeted advertisements. If you do not want to encounter these problems, you can use Kaspersky Private Browsing, in addition, this feature along with Safe Money also ensures the safety of your online transactions.

While browsing the web, some special services track users’ behavior to deliver targeted advertisements, blocking the service from collecting user information.

4. New features of Kaspersky Internet Sercurity 2017 – Sofware Cleaner feature

Software Cleaner is a software monitoring feature. “Junk” software installed under software downloaded from the network will be alerted by Kaspersky and given the option to remove.

In addition, software that takes a lot of control over the device, software that is not used for a long time, software for displaying advertisements or not functioning properly will be subject to warning of Kaspersky Software Cleaner.

5. New features of Kaspersky Internet Sercurity 2017 – Software Updater feature

This is a very new feature that allows users to know the new updates of the software installed on the machine. For example, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Flash Player, etc. The feature also allows software to be updated directly to avoid users having to search and download unknown software on the Internet.
Above are some new features of Kaspersky Internet Sercurity 2017 that have been released. There are many more features added on Kaspersky Internet Sercurity 2017, please share them. You can also use the software Bitdenfender with equivalent features.


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