New security feature on Windows 11 lists apps that use mic

Microsoft recently added a new security feature on Windows 11. This feature will display a list of all applications that have recently accessed the user’s devices and sensitive information, including the camera, microphone and contacts.

Added in one of the builds Windows 11 Preview June, the new security feature is currently being tested on the Dev channel for Insiders.

Windows 11 will notify users of applications that are tracking you

In addition to listing apps that request access to contacts, the new feature also tracks and displays apps that have accessed other sensitive information related to location, calls, messages, and screenshots. user device.

The list of applications that access contacts, camera, microphone, … is now available through the Settings application on Windows 11. Users can access Settings => Privacy & security => App permissionshere will display the list Recent activity (recent activity) will display categories of tracked information.

However, readers need to download and install Windows 11 to be able to use this latest feature. Here is the download link and how to install Windows 11 so that you can use and experience new features on Windows 11.

Download Link: Windows 11
Reference: How to install Windows 11

Do you update Windows 11?

Click the option to display information about one of the applications installed on the system that has recently accessed sensitive information and devices. However, this information only shows the last time the resource was accessed by the application.

Other information that can be useful in cases like malicious apps or malware that have access to contacts or track the user through a microphone or camera includes the file path, process name and process ID.

Although Microsoft has yet to officially announce this new security feature on the Windows Insider blog, the feature was revealed on Thursday by David Weston, director of enterprise and operating system security at Microsoft.

In April, Microsoft also announced that Windows 11 is getting enhanced protection against targeted Phishing attacks with the addition of Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, a cloud-based anti-phishing and malware service. corporate cloud.

Another feature called Personal Data Encryption will protect files and user data when not logged in by blocking access until the user authenticates through Windows Hello.
In addition, Microsoft is also planning to activate Credential Guard by Default and additional protection for Local Security Authority (LSA) on Windows 11 Enterprise to further improve security for enterprise environments.

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