New Year couplets with 5 words, good Chinese New Year couplets and the meaning of celebrating spring

Not only the 4-word Tet couplets, but the 5-letter Tet couplets also have many meanings that carry the meaning of luck, fun, and happiness. Please refer to it to choose the best and most meaningful Tet couplets to hang during this Lunar New Year.

Choosing good and meaningful 5-letter parallel sentences is not easy, because Tet couplets must both ensure the rules of rhyme and ensure the meaning in the couplets as well as express joy. Or luck depends on the purpose of each person’s choice. Short 5-word Tet couplets, Chinese New Year couplets or 2022 New Year couplets you can search and choose to send to your loved ones.

New Year’s Day couplets with 5 best and most meaningful words

Collection of the best 5 word Tet couplets

Here is a list of 5-word couplets about Tet 2022 that you can refer to and choose to welcome the coming spring.

1. 5 word Tet couplets

New Year’s Day riddle 5 digits 1
Happy and Prosperous Spring
Longevity Year of the School
New Year’s Day sentence 5 digits 2
Years like spring
Long live peace.
Good and meaningful Tet couplets number 3
Year of the millennium increases ten thousand fortune
Spring and Sunday practice heaven wall.
New Year couplets 5 digits 4
Eternal happiness
Loc full town family bar.

2. Some six-letter couplets

1. Long life full of fortune
Fragrant spring willow flowers.
2. Long live the three-year spring
The millennium of initiation.
3. Continue to bless the life of disciples
Happy spring solstice rich people.
4. Great karma of heaven and earth wings
Minh Xuan thousands of new statues.
5. Spring is about three rivers and four seas
Happy palace of thousands of heavenly families
6. The festival of peace and harmony is precious
New spring school has a wonderful wall.

3. List of good 7-word Tet couplets

1. Satisfaction on the road to increase wealth
Germany save the sun and advance the flower.
2. Lucky charm, yellow apricot, happy spring
Happy life, good health, happy Tet.
3. Heaven adds a new age, people live longer
Spring is all over the world, happiness is all over the house.
4. Young and old all love Tet
Trees and flowers also celebrate spring.
5. Tet in the house, Tet in the street
Fortune in the sky, fortune in the world.
6. Phuc Loc Tho has three stars with the same mat
Heaven and Earth are united in spring.
7. Spring comes to the root of happiness and gives birth
Tet about the German tree blooms more flowers.
8. Yellow apricots bloom to celebrate the new year
Pink peach blossom blooms to welcome spring.
9. A toast to the past year of good fortune
Toast to a prosperous new year.
10. Happiness is like the East Sea, flowing with water
Tho billion Nam Son is not old.
11. Spring is happy and talented as you want
Boundless prosperity and longevity.
12. Spring is peaceful, prosperous, and profitable
Mai declares wealth, fortune, and future rights.
13. Happy New Year to a hundred wishes
Happy spring to all success.
14. Increase happiness increases right to increase wealth
Tons of fortune, tons of fortune, tons of flowers.
15. Spring comes happiness and peace
Come Tet, prosperity and wealth will come.
16. New Year’s New Year’s Happiness New Year’s Fortune
Tons of fortune, tons of money, tons of peace.
17. In the alley to celebrate spring, welcome blessings
Happy New Year at home to welcome peace.
18. Boys and girls are happy to welcome
New Year’s Old Children joyfully welcome spring.
19. Happy new year family reunion
Spring comes, children enjoy peace.
20. Happy and Peaceful Spring Day Comes
Happy New Year Phu Quy Returns.
21. Spring is like a hydrangea, people are like jade
Satisfied guests, family satisfied.

With the list of 5, 6 or 7 word Tet couplets above, you can also refer to and choose for your family and loved ones the best and most attractive couplets. Besides, there are also many good 4-letter couplets, depending on your preferences, you can choose short Chinese New Year couplets or 3-word couplets, arbitrary 4-letter phrases.
In addition to the 5-word couplets congratulating the year 2022, you can also refer to more beautiful and meaningful New Year poems to send to your beloved grandparents on the occasion of the upcoming Lunar New Year. Choosing good and meaningful Tet couplets or special poems are all with the desire to bring luck, joy and peace to everyone, so please refer to to be able to choose a couplet. 2022 is the best and easiest.

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