Norton Mobile Security 2017 review, excellent protection features

Norton Mobile Security 2017 review, excellent protection features

In general, the price of Norton Mobile Security is “more expensive” than other antivirus applications, but the protection features of the application have to say is excellent, can use the application on 2 or more devices. at the same time and added unique security features. Even a large sum of money is worth it. Review overview of Norton Mobile Security 2017: excellent protection features.

Norton Mobile Security for Android, also known as Norton Security and Antivirus with over 10 million downloads and installs on Google Play. The Norton app doesn’t offer most of the features available on Android security apps, but the app’s malware detection has to be excellent, the free version also has some built-in features. Unique and useful tool.

Display Norton Mobile Security It’s quite simple, easy to use, but the system performance is heavy and the premium package (premium features) is a bit expensive. Norton also has password management apps, app lockers, and both are free.

Price and protection level

The free Norton Mobile Security version provides basic features, with paid versions, users can experience and use the full range of features.

2017 Norton Mobile Security 2017 Mobile Security Tips 2

Premium package (premium features) reduced by 5 USD, from 29.99 USD to only 24.99 USD, this price rating is still more expensive than most other high-end Android security applications for about $ 10. However, Norton Mobile Security copyright can be used on up to 10 devices.

Norton also offers anti-virus software for Mac and Windows, which can be purchased with a license for Android. Norton Security Deluxe is for 5 devices 89.99 USD / year and Norton Security Premium for 10 devices 109.99 USD / year. At the present time, the discounted applications are 40 USD and 50 USD respectively.

In addition, Norton also provides some add-on applications available in Google Play. Including 3 free add-on applications, including Norton App Lock, Norton Identity Safe password manager and Norton Clean optimizer

Finally, it is the application Norton Wifi Privacy Secure VPN. With price 29.99 USD / year, Norton Wifi Privacy Secure VPN provides users with VPN connections on their devices.

Degree of protection against malware

Norton continues to provide quite effective anti-malware features. User can select options Quick Scan, Full Scan or Scan Now on the application window, and includes SD card scanning options.

If only third-party applications are scanned, the Norton Mobile Security scan will take about 10 seconds, but if you scan SD memory cards and pre-installed applications, the scan takes about 25 seconds.

Also users can schedule daily, weekly or monthly scans.

During web browsing, Norton protects you from potential phishing sites, applications that work on Chrome, the standard browser of Android, Firefox, Opera, the standard Samsung browser and UC Browser.

Anti-malware performance

In the independent lab AV-TEST’s review of German Android security and antivirus applications conducted in July this year, Norton Mobile Security’s score was above all perfect.

The application detected 100% of 3,328 malware in real time and 100% of 3,129 malware samples were collected in the previous 4 weeks.

Out of 5 antivirus apps for Android rated by AV-TEST, Bitdefender Mobile Security and Norton reached detection rates 100/100%, next is PSafe DFNDR (99.9 / 99.9%), Avast Mobile Security (99.8 / 99.9%) and CM Security Master (99.0 / 99.3%).

In the tests, some antivirus applications have fluctuating detection rates, but without Norton Mobile Security. In the AV-TEST assessments conducted every two months, Norton maintained a rate of 100/100%, only occasionally falling to 99.7% or 99.8%. Bitdefender Mobile Security is the only application that keeps the 100/100% ratio.

Security features and free tools

Anti-Theft (anti-theft)

Norton’s Anti-Theft feature includes all the most important functions that users seek.

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Notably, the ability to automatically lock your device if the SIM card is removed. Commands are still issued via the Norton web portal,, or via SMS.

For SMS commands, setting the passcode for each part of the command allows you to send commands to your device from any device. The SMS commands included Lock, Locate, Scream and Wipe.

If you use the web portal, you have two additional options: Lost mode and Sneak Peek. In addition, you also have the ability to customize the message displayed on the device when you use the Lock command or put your device into Lost mode.

Positioning in the web portal works better, where you can view the device’s current location and its location history.

Lost mode will activate the Lock, Locate, Scream and Sneak Peek commands at the same time. Sneak Peek takes photos from the device’s front camera in case users access Take Photo from the web portal or whenever activity is detected after using the Lock or Lost commands. Sneak Peek does not alert the person holding your phone and the last 10 images will be uploaded and saved in your Norton web portal.

Judging the speed of executing the commands was faster, the redesigned portal interface was simpler.

Back up contacts

For Android users who don’t want to just use Google to back up their contacts, this feature of the app is capable of activating backups from your device or from the Norton web portal. The first backup takes place automatically during the setup process and users can choose to update it daily, weekly or monthly.

After the contacts are backed up, you can view or search contacts from the web portal, and can download contacts as a CSV file in the unlikely event.

Block calls and SMS

Norton Mobile Security also added call blocking. It is essentially a block list and blocking history, plus the ability to block all unknown users, specific phone numbers from call logs or a certain phone number from your contacts or any other phone number.

This feature is not as flexible as on other Android security apps, but Norton’s call blocker doesn’t have options, which makes the feature more efficient. a

Safe Search

If you want to surf the web more safely, Norton’s Safe Search, powered by, is a useful tool for you. This feature is based on data from the technology Safe Web of Norton to determine if the site is secure or not. If the box on the blue box shows the word OK or the Norton logo proves it is a reliable website.

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The minus point of Safe Search (safe search) is the number of ads displayed in the search results.

Advanced security features and tools

App Advisor

This feature consists of two parts: App Advisor gives you information about currently installed applications and App Advisor for Google Play scans and provides suggestions for applications when you view these applications in Google Play.

2017 Norton Mobile Security 2017 Mobile Security Tips 5

App Advisor also has 3 risk modes High (high), Medium (average) and No (none), but app reviews only apply to individual criteria. These changes increase the value of App Advisor, because users can clearly distinguish the real threat.

2017 Norton Mobile Security 2017 Mobile Security Tips 6

Privacy Report

This is a function extracted from App Advisor, the Privacy Report score is displayed on the screen based on the applications you have installed. The Privacy Report keeps track of whether any applications are sharing your personal data, and if available Norton will try to find out where that data is sent, which helps prevent mobile data usage. high.

2017 Norton Mobile Security 2017 Mobile Security Tips 7

Link Guard

Link Guard is a new feature that helps prevent malicious links sent via email or SMS.

2017 Norton Mobile Security 2017 Mobile Security Tips 8

Link Guard analyzes the links you receive, similar to what you see as in the App Advisor in Google Play, then notifies you that the link is safe or sends you a warning that it is a malicious link. . Note you must pair the default browser with Link Guard in the settings to enable this feature.

Add-on application

Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock allows you to create an extra layer of security on your device or if you don’t want to set a general unlock password on your device, you can restrict access to specific apps.

The first time you set up App Lock, you will have to create a pattern or a 4-digit PIN. Once created, you can use your fingerprint to unlock the application if your device supports this function.

Norton also recommends that users should lock applications. Just touch the overflow button in the top right corner and select Lock Recommended Apps (recommended application lock) to lock all applications. Alternatively you can scroll through the apps and click on the apps you want to lock.

Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identity Safe is a cloud-based, free password manager that securely stores your important data, such as your address, credit card, and banking information. line. After entering data into the application and activating Identity Safe, the application automatically fills in confidential data as needed and with your consent.

2017 Norton Mobile Security 2017 Mobile Security Tips 9

You can choose to use the browser built into Identity Safe or you can choose to use other external browsers.

System impact

To evaluate the impact of running Norton Mobile Security, many tests using the Geekbench 4 Android benchmarking tool on Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 7.0 Nougat were conducted.

After installing the application, the performance of mobile devices reached an average of 5.35% lower than the Geekbench test 4. During a full scan, the device performance achieved 2.35%, lower than the performance. basic.

With this result, Norton Mobile Security comes in last place when it comes to performance with installed applications and third in terms of performance in malware scans.

Installation and support

The installation process of Norton Mobile Security only takes about 90 seconds. You must also visit and create an account here.

In terms of user support, Norton primarily supports users through the Norton Community site (visit, has active forums and blogs to answer user questions.

If you want to ask specific questions, you can use the online chat feature. Norton also provides 24/7 telephone support, but you must fill out an online form describing the problem you encounter first.


Norton Mobile Security’s interface is quite impressive, the design is minimal, the interface is simple and compact. Although there are some features like App Advisor that have a few visual tweaks, most of the other features remain the same.
Overall review of Norton Mobile Security 2017: excellent protection features. Simple interface, compact design, great security. Whether you spend money to use the application is worth it.


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