Norway’s 4km cable disappeared without a trace, giant squid the culprit?

According to the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research, the cable about 4km long, located off the Vesterale Islands about 30km from the mainland, weighs about 10 tons, lies 200m below sea level has disappeared without a trace from Norwegian waters.

The mysterious disappearance of this cable has led experts to hypothesize many theories.

The area off Vesteralen Island is frequented by fishing boats, so many people believe that the net casters may have accidentally pulled the cable elsewhere. However, this theory was quickly disproved because if accidentally dragging a 10 ton submarine cable, the owner of the ship would definitely detect something unusual.

Some other opinions say that the cable is washed away by ocean currents. Jon Albretsen, oceanographer and ocean current expert at the Institute of Marine Research, thinks this hypothesis is unlikely because the currents in New Zealand are not strong enough to tear a cable.

The waters are a favorite gathering place for humpback whales to hunt for herring, so another theory is that they may have broken the cable. However, marine mammal researcher Tore Haug thinks whales are not strong enough to pull such a long cable.

The giant octopus is believed to be the culprit of the disappearance of 4km undersea fiber optic cable.

It is suggested that a “sea monster, such as an octopus or giant squid” is the culprit. The giant squid can be up to 20 meters long, has a beak-like mouth with sharp teeth, and often fights with sperm whales.

Bjørn Erik Axelsen, head of deepwater fauna at the Institute of Marine Research, said there have been about 20 recent encounters with giant squid along the Norwegian coast. However, this expert said this possibility is unlikely.

The final theory is that the cable may have been cut off by advanced equipment because this area has many security – political – military problems.

Naval Academy lecturer Ståle Ulriksen said that the waters north of Norway currently have about 20 Russian submarines. American, British, French and Norwegian submarines also regularly visit these waters. Some special types of submarines can move large lengths of cables.


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