Notes when pouring Canon printer ink

When Canon printers and other models are about to run out of ink, your prints will be blurred, smudged, and not of the best quality. At this time, users have to pour Canon printer ink to continue using. But do you know what to pay attention to when pouring Canon printer ink at any point?

During long-term use, the printer will not be able to produce quality prints where the ink color is often faded, blurry, unclear text. Worse, the printer also produces faded pages, with vertical, horizontal, and black lines … If the cause is due to running out of Canon printer ink, just pour ink only. Even more serious if due to the hardware of the printer, you must fix the printer with blurry text. Before you go to the store and leave it to the repair person, you need to know the cause and how to fix the smudged printer. Not often spilling printer ink also leads to equipment malfunction. Therefore, pay attention to pouring Canon printer ink regularly so that the printer works well. While spilling the printer ink, care should be taken to avoid damaging the device. Let’s find out together Note when pouring Canon printer ink at what points.

Notes on ink pouring Canon printer:

– Use newspaper spread around the ink pump to prevent ink from getting dirty. Wear gloves when pumping ink and use a paper towel or absorbent object to blot, wipe off spilled ink.

– Should be familiar with the device before pumping ink. Do not touch the electrical circuits or the nozzle of the ink tank with your hand during the injection process. Use a damp damp cloth or alcohol to wipe away the impact areas.

Notes when sewing machine in canon 2

– Do not pump ink when the ink tank is still in the printer. The ink tank should be removed from the printer and placed and the paper position clean before injecting ink. When removing the ink tank, clean it around the ink tank.

– Regularly check the ink tanks periodically and refill if the ink runs out, at least every week users must print 1 page to avoid ink jams. Ink should not be left in the empty jar, as this can lead to a clogged nozzle.

– Need to identify accurately in the compartments of the cartridge, use a toothpick to pin into the holes to check.

– Performing the ink pump slowly will avoid bubbling, which will affect the print quality. Because if the ink makes the bubbles bubbly, it takes about 30-60 minutes before printing.

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– Do not pump ink spill. In the process of pumping ink if ink nozzles leak or ink spill from the compartment, pause, wipe clean so that the ink does not spill over into the adjacent compartments.

– When the ink pump is completed, the ink holes should be sealed to prevent ink leakage. Do not install a leaked ink bottle into the printer.

– Carefully store excess ink to use for later pumps.

Above are the notes when printer ink that Canon users or other types of printer must also pay attention.

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One more thing to note with Canon LBP 2900 / 2900B CAPT printer users is to have Canon 2900 / 2900B LBP Driver installed on the computer for standard. If the unsuitable driver also results in the printer and computer being unable to connect or unexpected errors when printing text, check the name of your Canon printer and download the appropriate Canon LBP driver, regularly wipe Cleaning and maintaining the printer is the best way to keep the device durable.


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