Off timer, the software shutdown timer effective

Off timer, the software shutdown timer effective

If there is a time when you have an urgent task and you cannot turn off the computer because you are busy running an incomplete program right away, you can fully schedule the computer to turn off by specialized software. But which software is the best option for you? Please follow the article below of to have a suitable choice.

The best software, shutdown timer application

1. Counter Timer: Pros: Free, helps you set the time to shutdown automatically. In addition Counter Timer also adds functions such as: Restart, logout, hibernation, …

2. Quick Shutdown: Pros: Free, Timer shutdown, restart, hibernation, … Especially Quick Shutdown also appears a success message every time you set the timer is finished.

3. Slawdog Smart Shutdown: Automate operations with the system, allowing timer to: Shutdown, Reboot, Log off, Stand By, Hibernate … Download Slawdog Smart Shutdown to your computer.

4. PC Sleep: Perform shutting down, restarting or freezing the computer after a preset period of time. In addition PC Sleep has the ability to protect and monitor the computer.

5. Don’t Sleep: With many computer options such as: Standby, Hibernation … the free software Don’t Sleep perfectly suitable for professional users.

Instruction for shutdown timer by Counter Timer software

Step 1: Download and install the software.

– You can download the latest version of Counter Timer here.

– Installation: Pretty simple, you just need to follow the instructions.

Step 2: Use timer software to turn off the computer.

Start Counter Timer, the software has quite intuitive interface and easy to manipulate:

– Section Take action: You click on Shutdown.

– Section At: Set a time for the computer to turn off automatically and then press Activated is to be.

What time is it?
Shutting down the computer is a pretty necessary procedure for those who regularly work and study on the computer. With the above sharing hope to bring you the most effective choices. If not satisfied you can refer to and use other shutdown timer software available in


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