Open Broadcaster - Broadcast live on computers, laptops

Open Broadcaster – Broadcast live on computers, laptops

Open Broadcaster software supports live broadcast, helping you to stream live game matches or teach online. To use live broadcast with Open Broadcaster Software follow the steps of

If you are a fan of the empire esports or League of Legends, you’ve probably seen the matches broadcast live by viewers on the worldwide stage in the game League of Legends. Voice or empire

So when you use software like Sopcast to watch live TV matches of the Game, have you ever wondered how they can shoot those clips on Sopcast? The answer is very simple, just Use Open Broadcaster You can also play video games at home and stream to your friends.

How to broadcast live with Open Broadcaster

Step 1: In the Open Broadcaster interface, select Settings. If you do not have the software, please download now Open Broadcaster

The process of installing Open Broadcaster is quite fast, if you have not done so successfully, please refer to how to install Open Broadcaster to successfully setup this software.

Step 2: Choose Boardcast Settings, enter the name of the Stream Play Path / Stream Key.

how to continue directly with open broadcaster

Step 3: Move down Video, choose an arbitrary Video resolution. Press OK, got it to save.

guide online open broadcaster

Step 4: Choose Start Streaming to live broadcast. Then enter the game and play normally.

Direct broadcast on open broadcaster

Step 5: To stop playing live video, press CeaseStreaming.

online television with open broadcaster
The above are the quickest steps to broadcast live action on your computer screen on the Internet.
If you do not want to stream video that needs editing, then in addition to Open Broadcaster you can also use Cyber ‚Äč‚Äčlink. This is also one way record videos with sound using Cyberlink Youcame is very good and quality on the computer.


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