Open the * .APE file with any software?

You are a person who likes to enjoy music songs for relaxation and entertainment, must be too familiar with the audio formats: MP3, MP4, WMA, … * .APE, and with this format your normal music player cannot play.

File * .APE is an audio format used quite a lot and widely on the internet. In particular, you cannot use the Windows media player built-in on Windows to run .APE files. So, what software is needed to view this format?
To read the * .APE extension, you must use the software: Foobar2000. In addition, you can also use other sections to view the .APE format such as: K Lite Codec Pack Full, KMPlayer, K Lite Mega Codec Pack, …

You can download the latest version of these sections:

– Foobar2000

– K-Lite Codec Pack Full

– KMPlayer

– K Lite Mega Codec Pack


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