Open the * .DMG file with any software?

The .dmg file is an image format stored on Mac OSx, so it is very difficult to read on Windows. With the following tutorial will help you can easily read .dmg files on Windows with HFSExplorer software, you follow along.

HFSExplorer is a utility software used to open .dmg format files on Mac OS X. Here we will show you how to use this software to open .dmg files on Windows.

Open the * .DMG file with any software?

Step 1: You download HFSExplorer download to install on your computer, or search online with the keyword “HFSExplorer” to download

Step 2: After downloading, install HFSExplorer software like other utility software

Installation instructions by image:

Step 3: After successful installation, find the .dmg file and open it (by double clicking on the file), then select Extract (Figure below)

Step 4: Select the folder to extract the dmg file and choose Extract here (Figure below)
And so you can see the content of the dmg file.

With the above article, we have instructed you how to read the contents of .dmg file on Windows operating system thanks to HFSExplorer utility software, you can also refer to some other utility software on the website. ours.


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