Open the iSO file, extract the iSO file with WinRAR

Winrar is one of the software that supports opening, reading iso files besides some other software such as PowerISO or UltraISO … Let perform how to open iSO file and extract iSO file with WinRAR.

On Windows 8 you can read iso files without using software. However, on Windows 7 you need to have software to read and open them. The following article we will guide you how to open iSO file, extract iSO file by Winrar extremely simple, please refer to it.

Instructions on how to open iSO file, extract iSO file by Winrar

* Download and install the new version of WinRAR

Method 1: Extract by Winrar:

Step 1: Right-click on the iso file, then it’s up to you to choose:
how to do iso file with winrar
– Extract files …: Extract to a separate folder
– Extract Here: Unzip right here.
– Extract to ….: Extract with a subdirectory in the current directory

Step 2: The decompression process will be performed within a certain period of time.
File extension iso bang winrar
After extracting, you can access normally

Method 2: Open directly with Winrar, without wasting space on the drive:
Step 1: Right-click the iSO file and select Open with —>WinRAR archiver
mo file iso bang winrar
Step 2: And the result after opening with WinRAR

So here are 2 ways you can read and open iso file with WinRAR decompression software very handy and fast. With Winrar, you can not only read ISO files, you can also split compressed files or set passwords for data. Please refer to the way split the compressed file with our WinRAR here. Besides, you refer 7 cool features of WinRAR To learn more about this software


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