Open the ISO file on Windows 8 without using the software

Open the ISO file on Windows 8 without using the software

To open ISO files, you can use UltraISO, VitualDrive, … But when Windows 8 was born, it would be a leap forward in opening ISO files. Here will guide you how to open the ISO file without supporting software.

An ISO file is an image file that contains all of the CD / DVD data that is distributed on the Internet in the form of ISO files. This file is useful for creating backups and sharing files with others.

Instructions Open ISO file on Windows 8 without using the software

Step 1 : Leave File Explorer as the default for opening the ISO file format throughout the system.

In order for Windows Explorer to be set as the default system-wide application to open ISO files but not previously installed software, right-click an ISO file stored on your hard drive and select Open with ->Choose default program (Choose the default program)

A default file selection table in the system will appear you Check in Use this app for all .iso files (Use this application for all iso files) -> and then select the File Explorer programs in this menu.

Step 2 : Use the feature Mount to open an ISO file in Windows Explorer.

To read a file of this type in Windows 8, it uses File Explorer to read the .iso file as a virtual drive without the need for other software to interfere and to manage the default file via Mount like

Click the iso file object to open the virtual drive -> select Mount

If the default settings are already there, just double click the .iso file. Select the ISO file object to open -> on the tool of Windows Explorer you find the tab Manage and click the button Mount.

File Explorer will automatically put the .iso file into a virtual drive in My Computer. Once mounted, you should see your virtual drive listed in the list of drives on File Explorer

Step 3: Use the feature to get out of a virtual drive an ISO file in Windows Explorer.

To do this we need to do the following: Click on the virtual drive to exit in My Computer> in the menu that appears select Eject

– Or on the Windows Explorer tool, navigate to the tab Manage and click the button Eject.

Then the ISO file will be exited from the virtual drive without prompting.
Above are all the operations as well as settings when working with the iso file format on Windows 8 system without application software intervention. In addition, the use of software that supports UltraISO or Vitual Drive is also quite effective and fast when working on ISO files.


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