Open the * .MP4 file with any software?

Open the * .MP4 file with any software?

* .MP4 format is probably quite familiar to users, but when encountering these videos, not everyone knows how to watch it because normal music players do not support playing.

With the increasing development of the technology field, many video formats have appeared. In particular, MP4 is encountered a lot on the internet when users share audio files. So to read the files ending in * .MP4 you need to use any software?

To view this * .MP4 format, you need to use KLite Codec Pack. In addition, you can also use other software such as jetAudio Plus, GOM Media Player, K Lite Mega Codec Pack, …

You can download the latest version of the software:

K Lite Codec Pack
jetAudio Plus

GOM Media Player

K Lite Mega Codec Pack


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