OPPO produces its own AI processor, ready to be equipped on flagships launched in 2022

In the past few years, OPPO has made great strides to quickly reach the ranks of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers. The company’s products can now compete fairly with any major competitors. However, in order to firmly assert its position and bring its future smartphone models to the next level, OPPO needs to master the core technologies that determine the success or failure of a smartphone, in which have a processor.

OPPO of course understands that, and on the stage of the upcoming INNO DAY 2021 event, besides the much-awaited new folding screen smartphone, the Chinese manufacturer will first introduce the processor. NPU (Neural Processing Unit) designed and developed by myself.

Called MariSilicon X, this is basically a 6nm AI processor that combines an NPU (neural processing unit) and an image signal processor to take full advantage of the chip’s computing power. This will help increase concurrent performance and reduce power consumption. With the appearance of MariSilicon X, OPPO confidently declares that its flagship smartphone models launched in 2022 will possess AI performance 20 times faster than its predecessor Find X3 Pro which is already very impressive, especially is about image processing capabilities.

According to OPPO, the MariSilicon X chip was developed “to fully exploit the potential of the company’s RGBW sensor”. In addition, this chip also supports 20=bit HDR capture for better contrast, even when users are shooting RAW. Similar benefits are found for night-time video recording, which greatly enhances video quality in low-light conditions. OPPO says that MariSilicon X will bring 4K AI HDR night video recording to the Android world for the first time.

Besides the great potential in performance and features, the birth of MariSilicon X can be considered a strategic card for OPPO to assert itself in the context of smartphone manufacturers that have gradually reached saturation. In addition, owning a self-developed and manufactured chip also allows the company to freely refine, upgrade, and integrate a variety of new technologies, thereby providing the best user experience. best.

As planned, the MariSilicon X chip will not be equipped on OPPO’s upcoming folding screen phone. Instead, this chip will appear on the next top Find X models, expected to launch in the first quarter of 2022.


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