Order people in the Empire, build people quickly in the Empire

In the Empire, there was a command that new players had to try through that command to ask people quickly. In fact, with this command all the work when downloading the Empire and playing such as building houses, making real food, eating deer … happens immediately when farmers touch the works.

Normally, in order to ask people in the Empire, players need to wait about 20 seconds (in the game) to ask for a citizen. Using the Empire keyboard shortcut with H + C button allows you to move to the main house and ask people quickly. With the Empire shortcut keys you will save time, but still have to wait for people to be born in the 20s. In order to apply for citizenship quickly, you need to make the following code for applying for citizenship in the Empire.

Orders for people in the Empire

Step 1: In section Settings Before playing the game, you need to tick the box Enable Cheating to use the code in the game as well as activate the command to ask people in the Empire

Step 2: Normally, when asking people, the player will have to wait for% running. It takes 20 seconds in the game to ask a farmer.

Thank you for asking

Step 3: To speed up the process, enter the command for people in the Empire. Press Enter to Open the Chat frame, import: Steroids

Later Enter is a quick application for Empire activation code.

Thank you for asking

Step 4: Immediately you can quickly ask for the population. Please note that asking people needs 50 food (35 for Shang and 75 for Palmyran) and the number of houses is larger than the number of people.

With this code, you not only ask people quickly but eat food, eat deer or build houses immediately.

Thank you for asking

It takes only a few seconds to finish eating the fruit.

Thank you for asking

Step 5: You need to cut more wood to build more houses, then ask for as many people as you like.

Thank you for asking

Above is a quick way to get people by asking people in the Empire, suitable for those who play this game for entertainment.

Many people mistakenly think that pressing the HC button is an empire command to ask people, in fact this is just a shortcut to help people faster instead of players having to click on the farmer in the main house, therefore, HC is not is an Empire’s order to your people.

A very important upgrade house in the Empire is the BC house. Inside the BC house contains many important upgrades to create troops to “gods”. For example, a chain + 25% speed for a Oblique (Conditional on a Oblique) at BC house in the Empire game. Read the article to better understand the importance of BC in the Empire game.

In the Empire, many times the two sides fought for an hour, but everyone assured themselves that they were prevailing. In order to know your strength against the enemy, players need to know how to view the timeline in the Empire. Understanding the indicators and charts in the way the Empire Timeline is viewed, you will know when you are winning the opponent, more militia, killing more enemies.

Do you often play Empire on Garena or CGA? As for me, I often play the empire on Garena, because the settings are simple, the language is in Vietnamese (at most English), not all Chinese characters like CGA, but because of the gameplay and hobbies are different, many of you chose CGA because you interacted with more Chinese gamers instead of playing Empire on Garena, mostly Vietnamese and world gamers.


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