Organize the Windows 10 Start Menu into a column

By default, the Windows 10 Start menu is lined with more than 2 columns. However, if you do not want the screen to occupy so much space, you can arrange the Windows 10 Start menu into a column similar to the old Windows XP.

Because Windows 10 applications are in tile form and can display information directly, so Microsoft has set up the Start menu on Windows 10 More than 2 columns at default. However, if you want to display the Start menu as a column, you refer to the content below.

Organize the Windows 10 Start Menu into a column

Step 1: On the Start menu, unpin all the available tiles on the screen. Right-click the application and select Unpin from Start.

Step 2: You do it one by one until there are no more apps showing up in tiles.

Order start menu win 10

Step 3: Finally, drag the menu to the left.

win 10 bar a cot

Final result. Looks much more neat and tidy eyes.

put together start menu windows 10 a cot bar, put together start menu win 10, win 10 bars one cot

In addition you can also shrink the height accordingly.

So just introduced you to organize the Windows 10 Start menu into a column. After install Windows 10 and rearranging, your Start menu has become much more neat and beautiful, especially if you do not have the need to display Tiles applications, it is even better.

If there is a need, please refer to the way Create Windows 10 tile tiles to be able to display more applications and software on the computer on the Start Menu interface


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