Out of mind when reading the article About visiting the homeland

Out of mind when reading the article About visiting the homeland

In order to support students more easily in planning their thoughts when reading the article About the homeland, an excerpt from Le Thuong Trac’s writings of Thuong Kinh, we present the sample below for I refer, since then I know how to complete this requirement with the highest efficiency.

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Outline Thoughts About visiting the homeland quoted in the Royal Business

1. Open the article
– Introduce a few words about the author Le Huu Trac and an excerpt Regarding Visiting the Homeland
– Generalize your feelings about the work.
2. Body cards
* The author’s mood when he returns to his hometown after his years in the field.
– Eager, happy interwoven with emotion, pity.
– On the way back: He admired the scenery on the side of the road “two sides of the road … bun noodles together”.
– Homeland is more realistic through the image of a brick bridge that he immediately realized, after a long time away from his homeland.
– Back to the beloved home with loved ones, emotional joy filled with moments of encounter.
* The author’s mood when walking around the old garden:
– Find back traces of May, think about life, about the flow of time.
– The exile has the opportunity to meet the people in the lineage when visiting their church during the church announcement.
– The childhood memories show up in memory: The nights of relaxation in the river moon bathing, diving.
=> All are too dearly in the heart of expatriates for years: “Yellow leaves … stand unspeaked evil”.
=> Love for the homeland has merged and unified, closely linked to the love of creation.
3. End of lesson
Indicate your thoughts and feelings about the excerpt About Visiting Le Huu Trac’s Homeland.

View sample: Thoughts About visiting the old country extracted in Thuong kinh ky sá»±.

In the 16th week of school Literature Grade 9, the children learned to come to the Short Story of Co Huong, one of the best works of the author Lu Xun, the short story reflects the decline situation in all aspects of Chinese socialism in the early twentieth century and criticizes and hopes of the author above. the basis of love for the homeland and the people is the ideological basis of the work. In addition to this lesson, students often do other writing and writing assignments, such as: Analyze short stories Hometown, My feelings about the trails of the Hometown short story, Prepare concise cards briefly, Through the Hometown, please give your opinion on Lu Xun’s quote; …


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