Outline commentary Interview charm paragraph

Outline commentary Interview charm paragraph

If you still do not know how to choose the main ideas to develop the outline of the Preaching section to present your thoughts, assessments about the beauty and beauty of this excerpt, then you can refer to Our sample post is below.

Outline commentary Interview charm paragraph

1. Open the article
Introducing a few words about the excerpt of the love exchange: The prologue to the tragedies in Kieu’s life, the tragedy of love and fate is also the starting point for Thuy’s miserable and remote 10-year life. Kieu.
2. Body cards
– Because the disaster struck unexpectedly, Thuy Kieu had to sell herself to ransom her father and sister and that means she had to sacrifice her love affair with Kim Trong, so she decided to give her sister a predestined relationship. I’m Thuy Van.
– “Depend on you, do you accept … Acacia spreads its thread of redundant wear for me”:
+ “hope”: A special appeal.
+ “prostrate”, “ladies”: Create a solemn atmosphere in a complex psychological situation.
=> Kieu’s words and actions show that her position has changed, she condescends before her younger brother to plead for help.
– “Spring day I still have a long time … If you smile, you still smell good”
+ The words of hope are brief but understanding.
+ She only knows how to use death to express gratitude to her brother.
– “The rim with the cloud … The mercy of silver destiny people will never forget”:
+ The pity and deep feelings of Kieu for Kim Trong when handing over the memories of love back to Thuy Van
+ The memorabilia: “the rim, the cloud = = Reminds Kieu of memories of love but also rubs in the parting pain of the affinity of suffering.
– “The soul also carries a heavy oath … To ask for a drop of water for the unjust”:
+ A promise, a vow of loyalty
+ Deep love, a lifetime full of fidelity of Thuy Kieu for Kim Trong.
– “Oh Kim Lang … from here!”:
+ She cried out to cry plaintive for broken love.
+ She called Kim Trong twice, showing that she was extremely sad for Kim Trong.
=> The verse brightens up the personality of beauty, rich in altruism, before and after as one of Thuy Kieu.
3. End of lesson
– Confirm the value of content, art of excerpts.
– Stating your feelings, thoughts about the work.

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The excerpt of Duyen Duyen by author Nguyen Du expresses the tragedy in Thuy Kieu’s love thereby expressing the author’s painful cry about human fate in feudal society. Excerpts are compiled in the textbook program Grade 10 literature in the 29th week of school. Besides the above commentary outline. We also provide you with some sample texts such as: Analyzing excerpts of grace, Feeling the Pratyekabuddha passage, Prepare lesson briefly exchanging charm, Analyzing the first 12 verses in the poem of empowerment; …


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