Outline comments on comparable images in the text I go to school

Outline comments on comparable images in the text I go to school

One of the unique arts that made the success of the short story I go to school of writer Thanh Tinh is to mention the art of comparison, to build the outline of comments on the comparative images in the text. I went to school to better understand the effects of this art in reflecting the content of ideas of works.

Outline Analyzing comparative images in short stories I go to school

1. Open the article
– Introducing the work I go to school of writer Thanh Tinh.
– Raising the subject of discussion: Comparative images in short stories.
2. Body cards
* Picture comparison 1: “I forgot how those pure feelings flourished in my heart like smiling flowers in a clear sky”
– Flowers and grass symbolize the purity and purity of earth and sky, giving people a pleasant feeling and purifying people.
– The effect of comparison: Expressing the emotions rising in the author’s heart is natural, pure and he is welcoming them, mingling to relive the old days.
* Comparison image 2: “That thought flashed through my mind like a cloud sweeping across a mountain”
– These are the feelings when the first day of schooling, to hurriedly follow the mother in return, touched.
– The boy is aware that he has grown up, need to be more responsible and need to study hard; proving that he was a grown-up, he wanted to take books by himself but when he heard his mother speak to them to hold them, he thought it was the job of an expert.
=> The effect of the comparison: Show that the character “I” has had a clear cognitive development, more independent and mature.
* Comparison image 3: “My eyes are My Li school … Hoa Ap”
– When I first entered the large school, “I” realized the majesty and solemnity of the school.
– The effect of comparison: To highlight the change in a child’s school awareness, which are the first feelings of a more mature journey.
* Comparison image 4: “They are like a baby bird standing on the edge of a nest, looking at the wide life that wants to fly … in strange scenes”
– Thanh Tinh has been skillful in using the images of young birds on the edge of the nest to symbolize the image of the boys who are in the same plight: Although shy, worried, afraid, hesitant, .. … but they all aspire to study and carry in their dreams a bright future.
– The effect of comparison: Reflecting the right mood and nature of the immature children when standing at the first threshold of life.
3. End of lesson
– Affirming the value of comparative images in short stories I went to school of Thanh Tinh.
– Express your thoughts, feelings about those images.

View sample: Analyzing comparative images in short stories I go to school.

In our lives, the bright memories of the student age, especially the first day of school, are often remembered. The author Thanh Tinh described this emotion subtly through the clear feeling of the character “I” about the memories of the first day of school. The work was compiled in the textbook program Literature grade 8 week 1. Besides the outline, you can refer to the other sample papers: Analysis of short stories I went to school of Thanh Tinh, Feeling about the mother image in the text I go to school, Prepare lesson I went to school briefly, Lyrical substance in the text I went to school of Thanh Tinh; ..



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