Outline of analyzing the changes in Kieu's mood through the dialogue in the excerpt

Outline of analyzing the changes in Kieu’s mood through the dialogue in the excerpt

Students consult the outline to analyze the happenings of Kieu’s mood through the dialogue in the excerpts of Charmed to know how to choose the main ideas appropriately, build out the outline as well as better understand the happenings about Kieu’s mood through her lines in the excerpt of Truyen Kieu.

Outline Analysis of the mood changes of Kieu through the dialogue in excerpts

1. Open the article
– Introducing some features of Nguyen Du’s great poet and Story of Kieu.
– Raising the problem: The mood development of character Thuy Kieu through the dialogue in the excerpts.
2. Body cards
* Circumstances: Because the family met with the wind, so Thuy Kieu had to sell herself to redeem her father and younger brother, she had to support Kim to leave but could not give up that love.
* “Depend on me … will tell you”: Kieu’s hope to ask Thuy Van to replace her with Kim Trong
– Ordinary ritual: Only the person below bowed to the above, please clear courtesy.
– In the excerpt of the exchange of grace: Kieu turned upside down the ritual order by inviting Van to sit up and she asked to talk.
– How to call: “trust me” – “hope” to see that she trusted her brother absolutely and partly pushed Van into an undeniable position.
* “In the middle of the road … wearing me”: Kieu talked about her unfinished love affair with Kim.
– She talked about the reason why her love must end because the family met “halfway down the line”.
– Kieu has only a solution: Give grace to her younger sister to pay the meaning to Kim Trong
=> “wear me”: Thuy Kieu left me to decide but she was also very smart when causing Van to think again.
* “Spring day … young country”: Kieu reminisces about her beautiful love with the guy Kim + convincing Van.
– Kieu said that the spring day of her life was still long to be able to repay and live with Kim Trong.
– Kieu thought of her unfortunate fate: When she sold herself to redeem her father, her life from here ended.
– She imagined death to expect sympathy for her sister.
=> Painful, painful feeling when giving fate back to you.
* “This charm is to keep … or my sister”: Kieu handed over the mementos of love between her and Kim Trong to me
– Memories of love: The rim, the picture of the cloud, the keyboard, the fragrant incense fragments => Kieu handed back but also to look back on the memorabilia that demonstrate the pure love between the two.
– “This charm”: The predestined relationship Kim – Kieu but “this thing of the common” because now these items are still objects
=> Kieu’s mood: Contradictory when she pleaded before but when giving the souvenirs, it hurts, laments, regrets.
– She began to think about the death “merciful fate”, “lost people” …: Despair, sad when thinking about the future.
* “Hundred thousand to bow … from here”
– Kieu’s words to Kim: She talked about the reality of “brooding broken mirror tan” => The broken of love between two people.
– The idioms “the village drifted flower, silver fate as lime”: The humiliation, shattering, floating of fate brought Kieu.
– Kieu prostrate lover “hundred thousand prostrate to the army” => The painful, apologetic mood of her to the one she loves.
– The painful, painful call “Oh Kim Lang … from here!”.
3. End of lesson
– The art of constructing Kieu’s mood changes from giving her charm to words of farewell to Kim.
– Confirming the value of the lines in the excerpt of Charmed grace in conveying the content of ideas and works.

View sample: Analyzing the mood changes of Kieu through the lines in the excerpt.

https://thuthuat.taimienphi.vn/dan-y-phan-tich-dien-bien-tam-trang-cua-kieu-qua-cac-loi-thoai-trong-doan-trich-trao-duyen-47232n. aspx
After welcome reading Outline of analyzing the changes in Kieu’s mood through the dialogue in the excerpt, we feel thereby expressing the author’s single painful cry about the fate of man in feudal society. Excerpts are compiled in the textbook program Grade 10 literature week 29. In addition to the outline above, students can refer to the following articles to reinforce knowledge about the work: Express your feeling about the beauty of the art language through the Empowerment, The beauty of artistic language through the passage of Love, Analyzing the mood of Thuy Kieu in the poem of Chuyen Duyen, Analyzing the first 12 verses in the love exchange poem, My comments on the first 12 verses in the Excerptation;


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