Outline youth school thinking and action to help reduce traffic accidents

Outline youth school thinking and action to help reduce traffic accidents

If the students still do not know how to present and organize their ideas properly in the outline of the school age, the thought and action will contribute to reducing traffic accidents, so you can refer to the article. below to supplement our work, which is more complete.

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Outline youth school thinking and action to help reduce traffic accidents

1. Open the article
– Leading the problem: The slogan of traffic safety everywhere on Vietnam’s routes “Safe traffic – Ensuring life”, ….
– Raise the problem: Youth in school need to be aware and act now to contribute to a healthy transportation environment.
2. Body cards
* The reality of traffic problems in our country: The number of deaths and injuries is increasing.
* Causes of traffic accidents:
– Objective reasons: Most of our people use motorbikes, narrow roads, crowded vehicles, many roads are seriously degraded, traffic management has not been tightened, …
– Subjective causes: Awareness of participants is low (drinking alcohol, using stimulants when driving vehicles, not wearing helmets, …).
* Action to reduce traffic:
– Strictly obey the traffic laws, wear safety belts and caps.
– Propagating and mobilizing relatives to obey traffic laws.
– Participate in contests, campaigns of the school, and social organizations on traffic safety.
– Calling people and friends to use public services to be safer, cycling to protect the environment …
– People obey well and behave culturally in traffic:
+ Giving way, not crossing a red light, not encroaching on the roadway.
+ Help the young and old when they cross the street.
+ Seeing the accidented person to quickly help.
+ Civilized behavior, know how to condemn actions not in compliance with the law.
+ Guide and tell the younger students …
* Expanding the problem: A part of young people who violate the law: Organizing racing, underage has run motorcycles to school …
3. End of lesson
– Affirming that the youth of the school think and act to contribute to reducing traffic accidents.
– State your thoughts on this issue.

View sample: Youth at school think and act to help reduce traffic accidents.

https://thuthuat.taimienphi.vn/dan-y-tuoi-tre-hoc-duong-suy-nghi-va-hanh-dong-gop-phan-giam-thieu-tai-nan-giao-thong-47242n. aspx
Above is the Outline of school youth thinking and action that contributes to reducing traffic accidents, in addition to the above outline, we invite students to read other articles such as: Thinking about the saying: Human life is measured by thought and action, Thinking about opinions: In this world we are not only sorry for the words and actions of bad people …, Reflect on your own cultivation and learning through the saying: All qualities of virtue are in action, Thinking about the idea: You want to know who you are, don’t ask anymore, take action; …


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