Overcoming slow network, network jitter, handling slow internet speed when broken AAG sea cable

The slow network due to cable termination is always a headache for current internet users around the world, not only for Vietnam. When the AAG cable is broken, the international internet connection will directly affect users of services such as Google, Facebook are slowed down, sometimes interrupted. The content in this article will help you fix the slow network in the best way

The network jitter has many causes, maybe due to the quality of the network package, the connected devices and also the weather … The following content will help you understand the cause as well as How to fix when the internet is slow.

Handling network magnet when broken AAG optical cable

Some causes and solutions

Error due to DNS. (Domain name resolution system)

When the AAG or IA sea optic cable is broken, the network operator will actually regulate the traffic (Route) through the backup lines, but the backup path is usually smaller so it does not guarantee the entire connection is stable, process Routing can also cause DNS system errors leading to inaccessible websites, especially overseas websites such as Facebook, Gmail, Youtube …

Solution Change Google DNS when network error, delay on Windows 10,7,8 Win xp

The number of access machines is overloaded, sharing network is many
Solution: Limit the use of the network with some unnecessary machines, do not listen to music, watch videos or download large files on the internet. Or buy a higher internet package

Due to the bad weather
Solutions: Switch from ADSL copper cable to Optical cable, because with bad weather, the network connection when using copper cable will be greatly affected.

Modem flicker, unstable, sometimes stop running
Solution: The modem will be hot for a long time, causing flickering, check the modem, try resetting the modem and accessing it again.

The network is slow due to a cable connecting the modem to the computer
Solution: The cord has been partially broken, not completely cut or broken. You should double check the entire cable and connect the two ends of your network

Computer, laptop infected with virus, Spyware
Solution: Download and use some of the best anti-virus software today: Avast, AVG or BKAV

repair Internet failure

Revealing the wifi modem password, which leads to wifi in the temple
Solution: change the wifi password with unpredictable characters and especially change the wifi pass more often

Due to conflicts wifi router and wifi network
Solution: Access to reset the DHCP address in the router or reset the modem

When the AAG cable is broken, test the internet speed you are using, you feel the network speed is lagged, not as healthy as usual. So how to speed up internet?

How to fix slow network, handle when the internet speed is slow

1. Turn off unnecessary applications

Flash commercials, downloadable software, etc. are the “enemies” of the Internet at slow speeds. It is these components that will consume more traffic, making your Internet use more slowly. So, installing additional ad blocking utilities or setting usage mode for download software can be a temporary improvement solution.

other methods are effective

fix slow internet

2. Customize with the browser

In Internet condition running slowly, you should accept to use the HTML view if only need to browse email or read information and characters. Or more simply, many websites now have mobile versions. Typing the letter m. In front of that website address, you can see the mobile version right on your desktop, laptop or macbook to reduce the amount of space needed to increase the speed.

3. Try a different DNS address

This method only works for certain websites. The two most common DNS addresses mentioned today are OpenDNS and Google Public DNS. Changing the DNS usage can be “fortunate” to cause you to suddenly overcome the speed of network access.

Elsewhere, there's lag

Slow internet processing

4. Arrange the work to be used with the Internet

Think about what you really need to do with the Internet because it’s not the time to go to YouTube to watch hourly movies or to Facebook chat or surf the web listening to your favorite music. You should prioritize the use of the site first and save the heavier sites for later processing.

Above, Taimienphi.vn has instructed you on how to fix slow network, handle when internet speed is slow when AAG cable is broken out at sea. If in addition to these reasons you can also check the internet connection you are using by referring to the article Check internet speed


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