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Page numbering in Powerpoint


To number pages in Powerpoint is not difficult and the operation is quite simple, to create page numbers, you only need to insert Header and Footer in PowerPoint and you can insert page numbers for 1 slide, insert page numbers from slides. any number or page number for the entire slide in Powerpoint.

If the page numbering in Excel or Word, you already know how to do it, then with the slide show you can completely page numbering in PowerPoint quite easily the way that instructions below.

How to index a page in powerpoint

Insert slide page numbers on Powerpoint

Page numbering in Powerpoint

In this tutorial, will use it PowerPoint 2016 to demo page numbering in Powerpoint

1. Number the page for 1 slide or all slides

Step 1: At the Powerpoint interface you want to paginate. You go to the tab Insert -> select Header & Footer.

How to find a page in Powerpoint 2

Step 2: In the interface Header and Footer, tab Slide tick the box item Slide number. In case you want to page numbers for all slides -> then you click Apply to All, and if you just number the page for a page then you just need to click Apply.

How to find a page in Powerpoint 3

As a result, you have successfully paginated Powerpoint pages. You will see the start page will be number 1, you can edit the font, font size, font color accordingly.

How to find a page in Powerpoint 4

2. Number the page from any slide

The default is when you Create page numbers on PowerPoint it will start at number 1 for the first slide. However, you can change to a different page number if you like.

Step 1: You go to the tab Thiết kế -> select Slide size -> click continue Custom Slide Size.

How to index a page in PowerPoint 5

Step 2: Display Slide Size appears allowing you to customize the page number. In Number slides -> you enter any page number you want to start without being 1, for example you enter number 3 for the first slide -> next, you press OK, got it to save.

How to find a page in Powerpoint 6

As a result, number 3 will be displayed for the first slide but not the number 1 in the default way to create a number of PowerPoint slides.

How to find a page in Powerpoint 7
So you have just been instructed page numbering in Powerpoint Success with the operation is quite simple and easy to implement is not it! With Powerpoint then the operation to set up the page number is not as much as you number the page in Word or Excel, so please depending on the situation to choose one of the two page numbering styles that we have just introduced above. Also, you see more Powerpoint Wallpaper Nice to insert into your slides. Good luck!



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