Password hint – The password hint phrase set on Windows 8 7

Usually when you create a password for a Windows system, such as Win 7, or Windows 8.1, the system will ask you to enter a password hint. So what is password hint? What effect does it have on Win 8, 7? Let answer your questions through the article below.

Password hint is one of the integrated features on Windows 8, 7. It is simply understood as the content to help you remember your password. Because after a long time of inactivity, many people have forgotten what their password is. However, just review the password hint, you can remember your password to log back in.

For example if the password is set, I can set password hint as tmpvn. In case of forgetting, I can easily remember the password after looking at the password hint.

Password hint example on win 8.1.

Download the installation Windows 8.1

Password hint example on Win 7.

Download the installation Windows 7

password hint call password

When you’ve forgotten your password, click on Password hint to remember the password.

  What is the password hint?
Actually password hint on Windows 8 and Windows 7 simply means that. Note that password hint is closest to your password, but it should be a sequence of characters that only you understand. Because even if others can see the password hint, it is impossible to detect what your password is. We also have how to guide set a picture password on Windows 8. If you are interested, please drop by for reference.


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