Permanently delete data on the computer with Eraser

Permanently delete data on the computer with Eraser

Eraser is a software application that helps you permanently delete data on your computer, and cannot be restored. Let’s learn about this utility software

You usually delete the data you no longer need by right-clicking and clicking “Delete”, but this way the file is actually moved to the “trash” of the computer, but not completely deleted. Even if you empty the recycle bin, those files will still be on your hard drive as a “dead” file. With Eraser, you can be completely assured that your deleted data will not be restored. You can refer to some software with similar features: Unlocker, File Shredder or Hardwipe ….

How to permanently delete data on the computer with Eraser

Download and install the application software on your computer. Download: Eraser

Method 1: Quick delete with Eraser

Step 1: Right-click the file or folder to delete, select Eraser —> Erase

Step 2: Click Yes to delete

Method 2: Create each Task to perform deletion.
Step 1: Start Eraser, from the main interface select the arrow and select New Task (Ctrl + N)

Step 2: Here you name the Task in the box Task Name and select one of the delete forms:

– Run manually
– Run immediately
– Run on restart
– Recurring

Then Click Add Data to select the data to delete

Step 3: Here the program will give you many options:

– File: Delete the data file
– Files in Folder: Delete files and delete empty folders.
– Recycle Bin: Clear data in the trash
– Unused disk space: Delete cannot be restored
– Secure move: Move data to another folder
– Drive / Partition: Delete Drive or Partition.

Then Click Ok, got it to perform data deletion in section Settings

So with the above instruction, you can use the Eraser program to permanently delete data that cannot be recovered or restored, you can refer to how to Clear data with Unlocker to delete the most stubborn files and folders on your computer.


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