Permanently delete data with drag and drop on the hard drive

Permanently delete data with drag and drop on the hard drive

Currently there are quite a lot of software that helps you delete data permanently from your computer. And EraserDrop is one of the powerful file and folder deletion programs with a simple drag and drop.

EraserDrop is a powerful data erasing utility, when installing the software on your computer, the EraserDrop icon will appear above the Desktop screen, above the window of the program you are using. So you can easily drag and drop to erase data permanently with EraserDrop.

Instructions Permanently delete data by drag and drop on the hard drive

Step 1: Download and install EraserDrop or version EraserDrop Portable on the computer.

After installing EraserDrop successfully, you will see its icon appear on the Desktop, system tray, on the window of the active programs. If this is uncomfortable for you, you can hide it if not in use by right-clicking the EraserDrop icon in the system tray and selecting Hide. If you want it to work again, double-click the EraserDrop icon in the system tray

Step 2: EraserDrop provides 5 methods of erasing data for your choice. Right-click on the EraserDrop icon on the screen and select Options ->Eraser Method and select the type of data deletion. Inside Gutmann: It is the safest method of deletion but the removal time is long, usually the software will default the type of delete Pseudorandom.

Step 3: To delete data, select the file, folder to be deleted, drag and drop into the Eraser Method icon on the screen. A dialog box will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete the data. Choose Yes to continue deleting.

After deleting data, there will be a report table for you to see.

– In addition, to delete data permanently in Recylec Bin: Right-click on the icon of EraserDrop outside the screen and select Tasks ->Wipe Recycle Bin. Choose Wipe Free Space … if you want to permanently delete the data that Windows hides when you perform the usual deletion.
So you already know how to permanently delete data by dragging and dropping with EraserDrop software, this way to delete data is easy and effective. If you are not satisfied you can refer to and use File Shredder, CCleaner, …


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