Permanently delete data with the tool available in Windows

Permanently delete data with the tool available in Windows

Normally, to delete data permanently from your computer, you often use 3rd party software such as CCleaner, Eraser, … This article, will share to you a way to delete data permanently with tools available in Windows.

When you want to delete data that is no longer in use, you usually use the Detele command on the keyboard, but the data is not completely removed but hidden or in the trash and still has the ability to recover. With Cipher, you can completely erase data permanently from the computer, especially tools built into the system without installation.

Instructions for Permanently erasing data with the tool is available in Windows

Cipher is a command-line utility, so you must open a Command Prompt window to use the tool

Step 1: To enter Start ->Run and press Enter.

Step 2: Import cmd In the box and press Enter

Step 3: Command line window Command Prompt appear. Here you enter the command to use the Cipher utility to delete data.

You enter the command Cipher / w: C Go to the command prompt and press Enter.


/ w: Delete any data from unused disk space
C: Data deletion order will be executed on the C drive of the computer. You can change the drive containing data to be deleted.

Now you just need to wait for Windows to delete the data.

The process of deleting data will be very time consuming, so you should execute the delete command when it is no longer working on the computer and close all programs running on the system.


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