Phone number of, Call center for buying and selling goods

The article provides Phong Vu hotline number, phone number Phong Vu Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, …, supporting consumers nationwide to know the list of Phong Vu switchboard branches in order to contact to buy goods. , Q & A information on warranty, installation or repair of electronics quickly and conveniently.

Phong Vu is a reputable retail brand of electronics (computers, laptops, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, office equipment, entertainment devices, etc.) in Vietnam. With over 30 showrom sales spread across the major cities like HCMC, Hanoi, Da Nang, Vung Tau and Can Tho, …, Phong Vu is continuously improving the quality of products and services and bringing the highest satisfaction to technology lovers.

Currently, users across the country can contact Phong Vu’s phone number to buy goods or ask for information about payment procedures, installation policies, warranty of electronics. As follows:

Phong Vu switchboard number, Phong Vu warranty phone number

Phone number of, Call center for buying and selling goods.

1. The switchboard supports Phong Vu nationwide

– Phong Vu hotline number for buying advice: 18006867

– Phong Vu customer care phone number: 18006865

Note: You can only contact the phone number Phong Phong switchboard from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Outside the above time frame, Phong Vu does not support consulting and answering customers’ questions.

2. Phone number warranty Phong Vu: 18006865

Phone numbers of Phong Vu warranty above are shared with 3 Phong Vu warranty centers in the North, the Central and the South. If there are any errors, defects of the product, you can contact Phong Vu warranty hotline for instructions on procedures, papers and send the product to Phong Vu warranty center in the prescribed area. .

phone number of phongvu vn tong dai bao bao hang 2 goods

Phong Vu warranty hotline

3. Number of Phong Vu switchboards nationwide

In addition to the number of Phong Vu switchboard above, you can contact your local Phong Vu branch to inquire about the status (availability / availability) of the product category to be purchased, shipping method and Other related issues.

* Phone number Phong Vũ TPHCM

– Phone number Phong Vu Go Vap: 02873096867
– Phone Phong Vu District 7: 02873056867
– Phone number Phong Vu Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 3: 02873016867
– Phone Phong Phong District 6: 02873036867
– Phone Phong Phong District 9: 02873046867

* Phone number Phong Vũ Hà Nội

– Phone number Phong Vu Hai Ba Trung: 02473036867
– Phong Vu Dong Da hotline number: 02473026867
– Call center supporting Phong Vu Cau Giay: 02473016867

* Phong Vu Hotline in the remaining provinces

– Phone number Phong Vũ Bình Dương: 02747306867
– Phong Vu Vung Tau support switchboard: 02547306867
– Phong Vu Danang phone number: 02367306865 (Showroom in Lien Chieu district), 02367306867 (Hai Chau showroom)
– Phong Vu Nghe An hotline number: 02387306867
– Phone number Phong Vũ Thanh Hóa: 02377306867
– Phone number Phong Vu Dong Thap: 02777306867
– Phone number Phong Vu Dong Nai: 02517306867
– Phone number Phong Vũ Thái Nguyên, Hotline warranty Phong Vũ: 02087306867
– Telephone number Phong Vu Bac Ninh: 02227306867
– Phong Vu Quang Tri switchboard: 02337306867
– Telephone number Phong Vũ Tây Ninh: 02767306867
– Phone number Phong Vũ Ninh Thuận: 02597306867
– Telephone number Phong Vu Long An: 02597306867
– Phone number Phong Vũ Cà Mau: 02907306867
– Phong Vu Dak Lak hotline number: 02627306867
– Phone number Phong Vũ Quảng Ninh: 02037306867
– Phong Vu Ben Tre hotline number: 02757306867
– Phone Phong Phong Tien Giang: 02737306867
– Phong Vu Can Tho phone number: 02927306867
– Phong Vu Hai Phong switchboard: 02257306867
– Phone number Phong Vu Nha Trang: 02587306867
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