Photoshop – Blend photos with cool blue tones

Blend photos are subtle color blends to create unique and different photos from old photos. Within the limit of this article, will guide you how to Blend photos with cool blue tones in Photoshop.

If in the previous post you already know how Blend photos with the Blue color scheme, Blend photos with orange tones, … through this article you will learn more about Blending photos with cold blue tones in Photoshop.

How to Blend Photos with Cool Blue Tones in Photoshop


– Download and install Photoshop on your computer
– A photo used for Blend

Step 1. Open the picture. Then press Ctrl + J to duplicate the original layer

Step 2. The image is a bit dark so we will create one layer Cuves to brighten the photo:

Step 3. Create 1 layer Selective Color and adjust the parameters accordingly

Step 4 Create 1 layer Hue / Saturation Then adjust the parameters as shown in the picture:

Step 5. Create 1 layer Color Balance

Step 6. Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E to merge all layers. Switch to the card Channel select channel Blue then press Ctrl + I. Then select the channel again RGB

Go back to the Layer tab, in this layer select blend mode Overlay, Opacity: 70% , Fill: 60%.

Step 7. Create 1 layer Photo Filter and choose the color code # 56b7e9

Step 8. Create 1 more layer Selective Color and adjust the parameters:

Merge all layers Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E, then press Ctrl + J to duplicate the layer. Use Cuves to adjust the light as you like. And this is the result
So you already know how to Blend photos with cool blue tones in Photoshop already. With just a few manipulations can turn the image into a different style, different colors, the colors here are not merely monochrome but it is a combination of subtle color blends.


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