Photoshop – Blend photos with orange tones

Blending images with orange tones is a very common trick used in Photoshop. Lets you create images of nostalgic style. The following article will guide you how to blend photos with orange tones.

The mix of colors in the images creates unique and different images. In the previous lesson, you already know how Blend photos with light pink shades then today we will show you how to Blend photos with orange tones.

How to Blend Photos with Orange Color in Photoshop?


– Download and install Photoshop on your computer
– A photo used for Blend

Step 1. Open the photo you want to edit File> Open or press the key combination Ctrl + O keep pressing Ctrl + J to duplicate the class Back Ground up.

Then create 1 layer Gadient Map (Image> Adjustments> Gradient Map).

Step 2. Adjust the color parameters accordingly. You click on the box Used for GrayScale Mapping of the Gadient Map window to open the tab GadientEditor. At the umbrella Stops click on Color to open the color picker. Orange code is ffae00.

Step 3: Choose a blending mode Hue for layer 1

Step 4. Combine all layers with keystrokes Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E.

Step 5. Create 1 layer Selective Color . Click on the icon Create new fill or adjustment Layer semicircle at the bottom of the Layer tab and navigate to the item Selective Color.

Step 6. Adjust the parameters to match the photo. At this step we can arbitrarily create.

Step 7. Increase a little bit more Contrast

And adjust the parameters to complete

Step 8. You combine all layers with keystrokes Ctrl + Shift + E and save it.
Above, we showed you how to Blend photos with orange tones. So you have a picture of nostalgic orange tones already.


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