Photoshop – Blend photos with Vintage colors

Vintage is a classic style that many people love. So how to get this stylish photo? Here will guide you to Blend photos with Vintage colors in Photoshop.

Blend photos is a mixture of colors in the image to create unique and different images. In the previous article we showed you Blend photos with colors Blue, in this article you will know how to Blend photos with colors Vintage

How to Blend photos with Vintage colors using Photoshop


– Download and install Photoshop on your computer
– A photo used for Blend

Step 1. Open the photo you need to edit File -> Open or press Ctrl + O.

Most of the tools used to fine-tune colors in a tutorial are on the cards Layer> New Adjustment Layer. Or click on the icon Create new fill or Adjustment Layer semicircle at the foot of the Layer card.

Step 2. Create 2 layers Cuves to create contrast for the image

Cuves Class 1:

Cuves 2 class:

Step 3. Create 1 more layer Vibrance to increase the sharpness of the color of the image without affecting the color of the original image.

Step 4. Create 1 layer Gadient Fill to set up accordingly

Set the blending mode Softlight

Step 5. Create a class Selective Color, tweak red and yellow 2.

Step 6. Create another layer Solid Color and fill color # ffe5c1. Set the blending mode Multiply with parameters Fill reduced 30%.

Also create another layer Cuves to adjust the photo to light up a little bit

Step 7. After doing the above, the photos look much fresh. We will add some layers to make the image more special. First of all, you combine the layers with keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E.

Step 8. Create a class Color Balance and fine tune parameters in section Midtones.

Step 9. Create a class Curves, pushing up the contrast.

At this time the picture looks too showy and dazzling. I will create two more layers Color Banlance to reduce yellow at the item Midtones.

Color Balance 1:

Color Balance 2:

Step 10. Initialize a class Solid Color and fill color # 757167. You set the blending mode Soft Light to reduce image contrast.

Step 11. This is an important step. You create an extra layer Solid Color with color code # 2952ae. Set the blending mode Exclusion, parameters Fill reduced to 30%. They will reduce the glare area and bring the image to a neutral state.

And the final result is obtained below
So you know how to Blend photos with Vintage colors in Photoshop already. With just a few manipulations can turn the image into a different style, different colors, the colors here are not merely monochrome but it is a combination of subtle color blends.


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