Photoshop – Create a flame melted text effect

With multi-function software Photoshop, you can create a lot of beautiful and shiny text effects such as: Create shadow text effect, melted flame effect, braille effect, …

Photoshop has a wealth of tools to help you edit photos, design, integrate photos, … or simply create unique effects with text. But not everyone knows all these tips, the article below Taimienphi will guide you how to create fire text effects using Photoshop software.

How to create melted fire text in Photoshop

Step 1: Prepare
– Create a new page in Photoshop (Ctrl + N) size 500x1000px, resolution (Resulution) 300 dpi, background black.
– Font Pieces NFI. Download: Full Font

Use the tool Type tool (T) to insert any line of text. Here I enter the word Betdownload and use the font Pieces NFI for a flowing text effect (color # c85014)

I understand the effects in photoshop

Step 2: Click right mouse click Go to the text layer (Betdownload) and select Blending Options.Go to the item Inner Glow, choose a color # eadfa2 and set as shown in the picture.

On item Inner Shadow, choose a color # a9984a and set as shown in the picture.

On item Bevel & Emboss and set as shown in the picture.

– Gloss Contour: Select Shallow Slope – Valley.

– Highlight Mode: Choose the color #ffffff

– Shadow Mode: Choose the color # c7b299

Attention: In the case when opened Gloss Contour You didn’t find Shallow Slope – Valley, in Contour and press Append.

On item Contour and set as shown in the picture. In Contour, choose Cone – Asymmetrical.

We get the following image:

Step 3: Click Shift + Ctrl + N to create a new layer. In that layer, select the tool Brush (B) and set as shown in the picture.

Use Brush (B) create bright areas around the letters.

To enter Blending Options / Color Overlay and pick the color # ffcc00, and reduce it Opacity of the layer to 50%.

Step 4: Find a flame image and open it in Photoshop.

To enter Window / Channels to open the Channels tab, then Ctrl + left mouse button Go to the Red layer.

Hit one by one Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V to copy and paste it through the page we are working on and name it “Lua”.

Switch the “Lua” layer to mode Light color.

Next use the tool Eraser Tool (E) with settings like these to remove redundancy, making the fire more realistic.

And this is the result:
In addition to the word effects tips, Photoshop is also the best photo editing software that helps you turn old photos into newer ones and many other features that are waiting for you to explore.


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