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Photoshop Portable does not accept fonts UTM, UVN


By default, when you install a font, the software applications that support text editing will automatically recognize the font you have just installed, if you use a graphics program, such as a Photoshop Portable error that does not accept the UTM font. , UVN see the cause and how to fix it in the article below.

First of all, I assure you, whether you use the Photoshop Portable version or the full version of Photoshop, it will fix the error of not receiving fonts not only font UTM, UVN but also other fonts.

photoshop portable doesn't accept font font utm uvn

How to handle Photoshop Portable does not accept fonts UTM, UVN

Photoshop Portable does not accept fonts UTM, UVN

If you have already installed the font UTM, UVN successful but you check the selected part Font on Photoshop Portable but don’t see these 2 fonts, try some of the following:

Method 1: Delete and reinstall font UTM, UVN

With this way, you go to section Font in Windows (Normally C: Windows Fonts) find out if there are 2 new fonts installed:

– If not, then the installation process may be corrupted and you need to reinstall these 2 fonts. See the instructions set the font here.
– If you have seen these 2 fonts already Photoshop Portable if not, then delete these 2 fonts and then reload Font UTM and Font UVNto perform a font reinstall to fix.

Method 2: Copy, Paste directly into the Font of Windows

This is basically the same as in Method 1, but this is a manual action that helps you control, track directly the copy and paste the font to see if there are any errors arising during the operation, thereby helping you. know the cause of the error and suggest ways to fix it.

You also check for 2 fonts UTM, UVN in the directory Font of the Windows or not -> then download these 2 fonts again according to the download link in Method 1 and copy, Paste the fonts according to the instructions in Method 1

Method 3: Exit Photoshop Portable and then turn it back on to receive the font

Normally you reset the font in the two ways mentioned above, the applications that support editing will automatically recognize the font, including software Photoshop Portable.

In case of other applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint … already got the font but Photoshop Portable If you do not see it, the application may be corrupted, frozen … you just need to turn off, exit or interrupt the process of the application and then reopen the application will receive the newly installed font.

Method 4: Install a new Photoshop or use another copy of Photoshop Portable

If you have tried all three ways and still cannot fix the error of not receiving the font UTM, UVN it is most likely applied Photoshop Portable You are using the faulty.

To fix it, you can either reinstall the full version of Photoshop or download it Photoshop Portable other to use.

– Download version Photoshop CS6 here: Download Photoshop CS6

– Download version Photoshop Portable CS6 here: Download Photoshop Portable

Above is a post to share some ways to check and fix software errors Photoshop Portable does not accept fonts UTM, UVN. These are the four most common causes when users use and work with Photoshop.
If you see there are other causes and remedies, please share and leave a comment to discuss and discuss before we add more. Thank you for watching the article!



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