Pitted 3 the best file compression software on Windows today

Pitted 3 the best file compression software on Windows today

Which software leads the way among 7-Zip, WinRAR and WinZIP and how to set the highest compression quality of each software? The answer will be in the content below

7-Zip, WinRAR and WinZIP are the three most popular software for compressing and extracting files. All three programs are very easy to use and have similar features, helping you organize and package multiple small files into a single file. Along with that, significant savings of storage capacity on the computer.

Although quite equal, but we will find out which program supports the best file compression in this article.

Note: The article selects Winzip, 7 Zip and WinRAR because these are the three most used compression tools for Windows.

In the test, we will compress video files with a total capacity of 1.3GB, using the best compression settings of each program, not the default settings. This article will guide you how to install to get the best compression quality for each software.

Which software is free?

When comparing these three software, 7-Zip dominates because it is free software. WinRAR is also considered free except that you must turn off the expiration notice every time you start the software. And WinZip will be locked after the trial period.

So 7-Zip temporarily took the lead when considering the free element.

WinZip decompression software

In an age when everyone wants to use free software, WinZip goes out of this framework for a price of 25.95 pounds (over 700 thousand VND) after the trial period. Let’s see if WinZip has “any money for it”?

WinZip has the option to compress files in the .zipx format, which is said to be superior to .zip and .rar. To compress with this format, select and right-click the file to be compressed, select WinZip =>Add to Zip. When the WinZip window opens, select the format “.Zipx ” at section Compression Type and start compressing.

compare zip 7 and winzip

This is the result of compressing data with a capacity of 1.3GB using two compression options of WinZip:

.Zip: 855MB (down 34%)
.Zipx: 744MB (43% reduction)

WinRAR compression and decompression software

The WinRAR archive is in RAR format and there are some tips you need to know to get the best compression quality from this software.

Select the file to be compressed, right click and select Add to archive. In the new window, tick the box “Create solid archive”. Next, in the section Compression method, click the down arrow next to Normal and select Best.

compared to birth time mem

WinRAR also has a choice of the effective RAR5 compression format.

Results when compressing data with a capacity of 1.3GB using the best custom of WinRAR:

.rar: 780MB (40% reduction)
.rar5: 778MB (40% reduction)

7-Zip file compression software

The last candidate in the list with the free advantage. But whether so that the poorest quality, let’s test.

First, select the file to be compressed, right click, select 7 Zip and press Add to archive.

In the new window,, set Compression level at level Ultra, change Compression method to LZMA2 and perform file compression.

compare winrar and winzip

7-Zip has compressed the 1.3GB total file to 758MB (42% reduction)


Based on the results obtained, the article chooses 7-Zip as the best file compression software. Although WinZip has 1% better in results, that number is not worth the 700 thousand dong price of this software.

Another option for those who do not want to use third-party software, Windows also has a utility to help you compress the file. To use, select the files to be compressed and then right click, press Send to and choose Compressed folder.

compare zip 7 winrar winzip

For the same test, the 1.3GB file was only compressed to 892MB (31% reduction) but with the advantage of fast and convenient, this tool will support when you need to compress the file without any other software.


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