Play 10-finger typing game "Defend typing"

Play 10-finger typing game “Defend typing”

Play the 10-finger typing game Typing simulator helps you to improve your typing skills, enhance the ability to type 10 fingers on the computer and compete with your friends together.

Game Defense typing is a flash game so you do not have to worry about installing on a computer to be able to play 10-finger typing practice games. You only need that Internet and pre-installed Chrome or Coc Coc web browser, other browsers like Firefox or Opera will not be fully compatible with this game.

* Because this is a Flash Game, you should use browsers like Google Chrome or CocCoc browser for better support. Firefox will not support opening this flash game because Firefox has blocked and stopped supporting flash.
* Because it is a 10-finger typing game with English, you need to turn off the download of Unikey or Vietkey so that you do not have errors when typing.

How to play 10-finger typing game “Typing defense”

When playing Defensive, players will be transformed into a machine gun that is responsible for shelling, destroying bombs dropped by enemy fighters. Each bomb is an English word that needs the user to type correctly for a successful bombardment.

At launch, you’ll need to wait a moment for the game to load the main content. In the main interface, you will have two options New Game (New game) and Submit Highscore (Submit the highest score to the rankings). Unfortunately, this 10-finger typing game does not support levels from easy to difficult for players to choose.
There are a total of 6 turrets for you to protect against bombs dropped by the enemy. Try to enter the text very quickly if you do not want to Game Over.


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