Play 10-finger typing game "Spider hiding from enemies"

Play 10-finger typing game “Spider hiding from enemies”

Play the 10-finger typing game Spider-hide enemies help improve the ability to reflex 10-finger typing in English for players. Let find out, this game is so interesting.

One of the most interesting 10-finger typing games that would recommend to readers in this article is Spider-hide from enemies. The content of the game is to type the words that appear on the body of her spider Berry enemy are chameleon and help her escape from them.

* Because this is a Flash Game, you should use browsers like Google Chrome or CocCoc browser for better support. Firefox will not support opening this flash game because Firefox has blocked and stopped supporting flash.
* Because it is a 10-finger typing game with English, you need to turn off the download of Unikey or Vietkey so that you do not have errors when typing.

How to play the Game tap 10 fingers “Spider to hide from enemies”

At startup, you’ll need to wait a moment for the game to load the content. After the main interface appears, click the button Click to Continue to continue playing the game tap 10 fingers Spider to hide from enemies.

To play the game Spider hide from enemies, press the button Start Game. The way to play the game is to help Miss Spider Berry climb the treetops to avoid the chase of the hungry chameleon. Quickly tap the words that appear on the chameleon body to destroy them and protect the beautiful Berry spider.

You will have three levels of game play: EASY – EASY, MEDIUM – AVERAGE, HARD – DIFFICULT. Depending on your ability to type 10 fingers, you choose the level that best suits you. Press Click to Continues to begin.

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At the beginning of the game, the spider Berry will climb from the bottom of the tree to the top of the tree, and each time you type the correct name that appears on the body of the chameleon, you get 100 points, and the spider will get more and more shops. close to the top of the tree. There are many levels and different words for you to play continuously and score points.

However, you will only have 3 lives, all of these 3 networks you will have Game Over.
The above is also a way to help you check your typing speed to see what level it is, just playing gme combined with practice typing 10 fingers is the best plan for checking the typing speed today.


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