Play 10-finger typing game "Typing letters"

Play 10-finger typing game “Typing letters”

Many people, after playing the 10-finger typing game, “Typing letters didn’t help, so why is there such a hard-hitting 10-finger game, but actually if you can play this game well, you can improve your ability to type 10 fingers to that very high level.

This is one of the most difficult 10-finger typing games today and if you do not know how to play Typewriter, you will not be able to practice 10-finger typing proficiency. The task of the game is to type the letters of the numbers that fall from the top down. Note there are capital letters, and there are lowercase letters okay.

* Because this is a Flash Game, you should use browsers like Google Chrome or CocCoc browser for better support. Firefox will not support opening this flash game because Firefox has blocked and stopped supporting flash.
* Because it is a 10-finger typing game with English, you need to turn off the download of Unikey or Vietkey so that you do not have errors when typing.

How to play 10-finger typing game “Typing letters”

Wait for the game to load for a while before starting to play this interesting 10-finger typing game. Press Play after entering the main interface of the game Typewriter.

The Word Typing Game will keep dropping letters, your task is to continuously type those letters correctly. But be aware that there are both lowercase and uppercase letters so you have to use a combination of extra keys Shift + lowercase letters> uppercase letters. Or not you can press CapsLk Every time you want to type uppercase offline.
You will have 5 networks to play games and practice typing 10 fingers and typing game.


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