Play live video on Facebook with XSplit

Play live video on Facebook with XSplit

Live Stream computer screens or game screens on social networks Facebook, Youtube has now become popular. There are many ways you can live stream Facebook, Youtube like using XSplit software or OBS Studio. This article will guide you to install and use XSplit software to live stream your computer screen.

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*Instructions for installing XSplit
*Set up and play live video on Facebook

For mobile phone users, the Facebook streaming is very simple, but how to use a computer? The following article will guide you to play live video, also known as Live Stream on Facebook, using XSplit software

Instructions for installing XSplit

Step 1: Download software XSplit

Step 2: After the software has downloaded, double-click on the downloaded .exe to proceed with the installation.
Click OK at the language selection window.

Press next

Press next

Step 3: The software installation process will automatically identify the missing auxiliary components and will automatically download and press next At the notification window, additional components need to be installed to download and install on your computer

Wait a moment for the software to download and extract, install the add-on components

Step 4: After the components have been installed, click next at the XSplit installation interface

Press next in the window to select a location to save the settings or you can press Browse… to reselect the path to save settings

Step 5: In the next window that appears, just click Next and Install to complete the installation process

Step 6: After successful installation, press finish to end and open the application interface

How to play live video on Facebook with XSplit

Step 1: At first use, you need to log in to the application. If you already have an account, you can click login to login, or you can login using your Facebook or Twitter account. Here choose to log in with your Facebook account.

Step 2: Choose next tiếp tục If you are a new user, then need to set some personal information. If you have used Facebook before, you can click here Link Acount to log in again

Wait a moment to log into the software

Step 3: Login successful, you wait 10s countdown then click Continue to enter the main interface of the Live Stream setup

Step 4: At the main interface of XSplit, you choose Sources then select the corresponding feature, here select live stream screen so it will select the feature Screen Capture..: Filming the computer screen with an optional frame

Step 5: Next you choose Outputs -> Set tup a new output -> Facebook Live to live stream Facebook

Step 6: Press Authorize to log in with the Facebook account you want to broadcast Live Stream

Or you can press Deauthorize to logout have logged in earlier and log in with a new Facebook account you want to Live Stream

Step 7: Next, choose Outputs ->Facebook Live

Step 8: A small window will appear, here you will enter Title is the title of the Live Stream Video, Description is the description for the video. Then press Start Broadcast, your screen will be live streamed on Facebook

Live Stream interface on XSplit -> When you see the red line: Straming live – Facebook Live … that you have succeeded then

Live Stream interface displayed on Facebook

To stop the Live Stream, click Outputs and uncheck the box next to the Facebook account that’s Live Stream

Thus, with just a few simple steps, has instructed you to live stream your screen to Facebook. For those who often download and use Zalo, now the live streaming feature on Zalo in the group is also used, you can live stream to your friends with live and vivid images.
In addition to XSplit, Open Broadcaster is also one of the software that supports live video streaming on Facebook, Youtube, refer to how to install Open Broadcaster to use this software on your computer, the steps to install Open Broadcaster are quite simple. and fast.


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