Play Pokemon Go on PC, computer, Laptop with BlueStacks

How to play Pokemon Go on PC, computer using BlueStacks like? This is probably a question many people will ask when your device is quite weak and unable to play Pokemon Go right at the device. This article will join you in playing Pokemon Go on PC, computer with BlueStacks, the best Android emulation software today.

* Frequently asked questions when playing Pokemon on PC, PC, Laptop

Pokemon Go is the first virtual reality Pokemon training game for phones, and is attractive for all ages. Let’s learn how to play Pokemon Go on your computer with BlueStacks yet.

Already able to play Pokemon Go on PC, computer, Laptop

With how to play on the computer the player Can change the GPS to simulate different positions to catch more Pokemon than, This is the simple way to hack pokemon that netizens are uploading and setting up a Pokemon plow service without even having to go out of the house


A. Tools to prepare to play Pokemon on the computer:

Step 1. Install Bluestacks Emulation Software, if installed, you must Must remove and use the latest version: Latest download link Bluestacks

2. Download the Android applications to your computer.

– Kingroot Application: Download Kingroot for Android.

– Fake GPS application: Download Fake GPS for Android.

– Lucky Patcher Application: Download Lucky Patcher for Android.

3. And of course it is not possible that it is to download the latest version of Pokemon GO .APK file here: Download Pokemon Go 0.33.0 APK.

After downloading, extract the zip file and you will get 4 files as shown below, Then move the file com.incorporateapps.fakegps.v4.6 into the directory Documents on your computer.

B. The installation steps play pokemon go on the computer

Step 1 : You install BlueStacks on your computer, the installation process will take a bit of time. Then you Turn off Bluestacks go.

Now press the key simultaneously Windows + R to open the window RUN, Import “regedit”Then press OK, got it:

A window like the image below will appear. On the left, navigate to the following directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE BlueStacks Guests Android Config, then on the right side, double click Camera and change its value data 1-0 (to disable BlueStacks using your camera, this option is important for low profile computers).

You can now close the window Registry Editor

Step 2: Next we need to do is Root BlueStack. We open up Bluestacks, Click on the APK icon in the left corner of the screen.

play pokemon go on pc

Step 3: Browse to the directory containing the Kingroot file for Android downloaded above, click select File King Root and choose Open.

play pokemon go on pc

Step 4: After selecting, the program will automatically install King Root for Bluestacks, install us Click on the King Root icon has appeared on Bluestacks.

play pokemon go on pc

Step 5: Here the program will display an ad, you swipe from the bottom up to skip the ad, then press select Try iT.

play pokemon go on pc

Step 6: Next, we click on Fix now to proceed to Root. Then continue to press Optimize Now to complete the Root for Bluestacks.

play pokemon go on pc

Step 7: After the message screen has finished rooting 100, Click on the icon Setting in the upper corner of the screen and select Restart Android Plugin (Restart with plug-in program)

play pokemon go on pc

Step 8: After restarting Bluestack, we click the icon FakeGPS have on the screen.

play pokemon go on pc

Step 9: At the program, click on the icon Search and enter the location you want to change the GPS location as shown below, then press Select Seach to move GPS location.

– In the picture, I choose to transfer GPS to Hoan Kiem Lake (Hanoi), you can get to your preferred position. However, you should choose the locations with more Pokemon, PokeStop and Gym will catch more Pokemon, View more Locations with many Pokemon, PokeStop and Gym in Vietnam.

– Please note that you should not change many GPS locations, especially those far away from the previous GPS location (For example, someone who is playing in Hanoi but moving to Ho Chi Minh City, … ). If you change many of your accounts, it is very easy to be banned by the publisher.

play pokemon go on pc

Step 10: After you have moved the desired GPS location, click on the orange navigation button in the lower left corner of the screen to confirm the changed GPS position.

play pokemon go on pc

Immediately the program will change your location and the application will automatically close.

Step 11: Click on the APK icon in the left corner of the screen (same as step 2). Navigate to the folder containing the downloaded Pokemon installer APK file above. Then proceed to install the Pokemon Go APK file into BluesTacks.

Step 12: Turn off Bluestacks, then open Bluestacks again. Select tab Android (in green), you will see the Pokemon Go game icon as shown below. Click on Pokemon GO to open the game

play pokemon go on pc

Note: You need to use the latest Pokemon GO APK file to play it.

Step 13: At the game we start to log in to the game, when the notice of entering the year of birth, remember to enter the year of birth as high as possible, because if you enter the year of birth> 2000 will not be able to login with Gmail .

play pokemon go on pc

– Then click on Google to login to your Gmail account.

play pokemon go on pc

Step 14: Click on it Sign in to enter your Gmail account.

play pokemon go on pc

Step 15: Log in to your account and click Next.

play pokemon go on pc

Step 16: Agree to the terms in the game to proceed to the game.

play pokemon go on pc

Step 17: Then you will proceed to select and set the character to play. There are 2 characters male and female to choose from. You can choose the character gender according to your preference. In the tutorial, will choose the male character.
After choosing the character, you will add the color and shape options for your character through icons: Face, hairstyle, eyes (eye color), Hats, Clothing, Shoes, Backpacks. If you have defaulted for the character, it is okay, then the character will wear the default costume that the publisher issued, You can also customize the character’s costume when you have entered the game or at any time. other.

At this step, there will be 3 Pokemon appear for you to catch, On the internet there are many instructions to catch Pokemon is Pikachu at this step, but that is not necessary because Pikachu is Pokemon is not the strongest Pokemon, not Pokemon rare

Step 18: Right at the beginning, you will be given the option to catch 1 of 3 Pokemon, double click to proceed.

play pokemon on pc

Step 19: To catch Pokemon we use the mouse to throw the ball towards the Pokemon.

play pokemon go on pc

You can learn more about catching Pokemon in the article how to catch pokemon in Pokemon Go has been detailed instructions by

Step 20: Finally we name the character, here is the character name that will be throughout the game, you need to use the name does not exist on the system of the game, the player’s name also affects more or less the experience. of the user should pay attention to choose the appropriate name. In this article, I use the character name Taimienphi. Select the name you click done OK, got it

play pokemon go on pc

And your journey begins here

play pokemon go on pc

Come here, you can play Pokemon games on laptop, pc, normal computer already.

However, since this is a virtual reality game, we need to use the Camera to catch Pokemon, so if you use BlueStacks we will only use it at this step. You can use your phone to play through this game guide.

Some questions when playing Pokemon Go on PC., Computer, Laptop

1. How to move Pokemon Go characters on Bluestacks?

Move characters in the game with the keys W-S-A-D, Depending on your location, these keys will move in different directions. To go faster, press one of the keys consecutively, or use the Shift key

2. Log in to the game normally but do not display PokeStop, Gym?
Reason: Yes you are using the old version
Solution: You must use the latest version of Bluestacks software and the Pokemon Go APK installer we have updated above

3. Dial PokeStop not receive items?
Cause: This problem usually occurs when you Fake GPS too much, leading to the issuer of your account (according to our records, the current publisher Niantic will take the form of handling Fake accounts. GPS, in-game cheating by various means depending on the severity of cheating)
How to fix: Restart the computer and open Bluestacks to play Pokemon on the computer, if still not, then wait about 3 hours to be able to play normally.

4. Move the Trainer with the keys A, D or frozen, can not move
The reason is that you are using Vietnamese keyboard, Unikey or Vietkey or any other Vietnamese keyboard. Turn off Vietnamese typing tool to solve the problem.

To play Pokemon Go better
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* What are the CP and HP in Pokemon Go?
* How to earn PokeCoins, plowing money in Pokemon GO
* How to hatch Pokemon eggs, experience creating genuine Pokemon
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* Tips to become a Pokemon master

Firstly, many people have asked why their device cannot play Pokemon Go, the answer was posted with the article about devices that support Pokémon Go. With this article, you will know which Pokemon Go devices are supported and why I cannot install this game.

If the device can be played but do not know how to play Pokemon, virtual reality Pokemon training game, please refer to the article on how to play Pokemon Go to be able to participate and experience the game with everyone and do not forget to create yourself. 1 Pokemon Go account, register a master account for yourself. With a Pokemon Go registration will help a lot for you from the game there.

Pokemon currently has a large number of players, on the Google Play app store and Apple Store always ranked in the Top 1. However, the game publisher only supports players on Android, iOS and not yet support players using Windows Phone operating system (Windows 10 Mobile), The game lovers can download using one of the links below for their device:

Download Pokemon Go for iPhone: Version for iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 8.0 or higher
Download Pokemon Go for Android: Version for Android devices such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Lenovo, … devices running Android OS 4.4 or higher
In addition, we can also participate in a new trend of the online community that is Pokemon Go. The pictures Photo processing Pokemon GO Can not help laughing, is downloading, you can view and rate them.
To start being a Pokemon trainer, you need to download and learn how to play Pokemon Masters on your phone, this will help you quickly collect and train many different Pokemon.


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