Play The 10-finger typing game "Treasure at the bottom of the sea"

Play The 10-finger typing game “Treasure at the bottom of the sea”

Let’s play the 10-finger typing game Underwater treasure to be able to practice the ability to type 10 fingers faster than you, the game has very simple content and you can absolutely play the game easily to improve your ability. Tap his 10 fingers.

The process of practicing 10-finger typing with games or using 10-finger typing software requires users to really persevere and continuously practice typing 10 fingers regularly to improve the ability to type 10 fingers. The content of the game is to hunt for treasure and on that journey, you have to eliminate the evil sharks by tapping 10 fingers.

* Because this is a Flash Game, you should use browsers like Google Chrome or CocCoc browser for better support. Firefox will not support opening this flash game because Firefox has blocked and stopped supporting flash.
* Because it is a 10-finger typing game with English, you need to turn off the download of Unikey or Vietkey so that you do not have errors when typing.

How to play Game practice typing 10 fingers “Treasure under the sea”

At the start of the game, you will need to wait a moment (about a few seconds) for the game to load the main content. You click the button with the words Press to Start to start the game and start practicing to type with 10 fingers.

Play The 10-finger typing game “Treasure at the bottom of the sea”

You will have up to four levels of play: EASY – EASY, NORMAL – AVERAGE, HARD – DIFFICULT and Ludicrous (an extreme humor mode). Regarding the problem of choosing the level of playing the 10-finger typing game Treasure under the sea, you need to calculate your ability to type 10 fingers to be able to choose the right level of play. Remember not to be too greedy to upgrade the 10-finger typing level but to choose difficult levels, beyond your ability.

In the beginning of the game is the title talking about the adventure to find the treasure. During that arduous journey, users will have to try to destroy the sharks to search for treasures under the sea.

Press Press to Continues to start the 10-finger typing game Under the Sea Treasure.
You will have to enter the correct Word that appears on the body of each shark to destroy them, just ignore a shark you can lose immediately. To replay the game, click the button Press to Return Please.


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