Poems about Mother 4 sentences, the best and most meaningful short six-eight poem

Poetry about Mother 4 best sentences is a topic that many people are interested in and searching for. Although 4 sentences, this poem about mother has shown the mother’s love for her child, the merit of giving birth, sacrificing everything so that the child has the best. You can borrow this beautiful poem to send to your mother, expressing gratitude to her.

Mother is an important person in everyone’s life, who always sacrifices for her children. The happiness of each person must be born and raised with a mother by his side. Therefore, you should always cherish and show your love to your mother while she is still around. If you do not know what to say, let these 4-sentence poems about your mother help you, instead of saying what you want to say to your mother.

Collection of short, four-word poems about mother

Poetry about Mother 4 best lines

1. Poem about mother 4 short sentences number 1

Mother is the river

Give me a cool shower

Mother is the song

Ru I grew up.

2. Short poem about mother with 4 numbers 2

Waiting for fate, waiting for fate

When enough life changes

No more frowning and frowning

No more afflictions from now on will be happy.

3. Poem No. 3

Birth, old age, sickness and death each person

That’s the law of life

Self-exiled fanatics

Believe in immortality and pray to God.

4. Lesson 4

Yesterday you were still here

Today turned to dust and flew to the sky

Get rid of a human life

Any skin color is painful.

come back home

Short poem about mother

5. Mother’s eyes

Love is like the sea and sky,

There is a life of sacrifice in my mother’s eyes.

Give me meaning for love,

Forget your hard work early in the morning.

6. Mother’s Sacrifice

Mother suffered a lot

To raise children to grow up

Mother suffered a lot

Just to protect you.

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7. Poetry about mother 4 short sentences: Missing mother

The rain falls with sad drops,

Remember the lullaby of the school night.

Mommy! Tired days

Lips and eyes are now pale, mother!

2 love you

Short poem about mother

8. Mother

Mother of heaven and sea here told me,

How hard work next up to now.

Holy sweat plowing furrows,

Give me white rice to sleep soundly at night.

(Author: Phuong Trang)

9. Can only be a mother

The sun gradually fades on the small road,

Mother’s body is thin and livid.

Mom came home to cook dinner,

A heartwarming, loving meal.

(Author: Dang Minh Mai)

(Source: Collector)

Above is a collection of poems about mother with 4 best sentences containing gratitude, understanding of mother’s sacrifice, you have chosen the best poems about mother. Surely, mom who receives a poem from you will feel excited and happy.

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