Poetry about October 20 is good, poetry about October 20 is funny

The 20/10 poems with emotional and joyful lyrics will be a meaningful spiritual gift for you to send to your mother, grandmother, wife, lover… dear women. Here are good, short and funny 20-10 poems for your reference.

Poems 10/20 No. 1

Gentle beauty women
Let him love and remember forever.
Innocent beauty women
Let your heart flutter.
Women of faithful beauty
Let him want to share a house.
Honest beauty women
For him to remember, salty together.

Poem: Congratulations October 20

On the occasion of October 20, I wish you:
Young as a suckling pig
Fiery like a roast pig
Drunk like a pig
Lip color like piggy bank
Enough quality like… pork

Poem: Happy October 20

On the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day
Send some poems to call for some gifts
Wish you beautiful pink lips
Congratulations cute red cheeks
Loving love always blooms
Full of happiness is still blooming
The career and fame are enough
Be happy and stay young forever


Just keep waiting for the gift
But I can’t see anyone’s shadow
Looks like someone pretends to forget
I won’t love anymore

Think you love me and you will miss me
No wonder it’s so hateful
From now on, close the heart chamber
After a long time, I nodded to the house.

Poems to celebrate October 20

A poem to celebrate October 20: It’s a happy day for everyone

Everywhere is eager to buy flowers for him

To Grandma: Beautiful Chrysanthemums

Magnificent, noble, tolerant smile

Setting an example: Heroic Women

Wishing Grandma: Life is like coniferous mountains and rivers

For Mom: Pink Carnation

All my life, I only know for my husband’s sake

Perseverance, Indomitable Iron Son

Wishing Mom: Forever beautiful crispy majesty

For Sister: Tuong Vi flower basket

Loving Trung Hau engraved forever

The merit is unspeakable

Wishing you: Very healthy and beautiful young

Give Me: Rose Roses

Infatuated love completely loyal

Make sure to take care of work

Wish You: Beautiful, gentle, sweet

Warm fresh flowers you give

Happy day Women are proud to be you

Gentle beauty women

Let him love and remember forever.

Innocent beauty women

Let your heart flutter.

Women of faithful beauty

Let him want to share a house.

Honest beauty women

For him to remember, salty together.

Funny funny poetry for wife on October 20

Wife, from a gentle maiden

Until the price becomes … “mandarin”

Wife is someone’s child

And I know my wife just because of love

If there is a mandarin, there must be an army

So I became… a “mandarin” servant.

My child was born by my wife

So me and my wife… are not related.

Why is the wife slandered?

I accidentally did… the servant went to her side

Be a soldier, not… be a thief

Wife Nature – we must understand more.

Every time the wife is angry

Apply the “simple formula”… draw

When the Wife asked… cringe

Then you should modify… “multi-calendar” immediately (database)

Every time my wife asks for something

“Program” Wife writes in her heart

When Wife said… “no!”

“Uncertain primitive”, don’t expect to find out.

Wife is so hot

“Preserve the law” must be ready

When do you go out with your wife?

“7 constants of equality” ready to listen

Every time you stop the car

Have to worry… “transfer” to open the car for her

Go to the restaurant with your wife

Do not arbitrarily “declare integral functions”.

Whenever I see my wife wrinkled

“Exploring functions” but need to be quiet

Wife… “input” the word “shopping”

Well… “output” must be a pretty shirt, dress,…

I want my wife to not… mumble

Credit cards kept silently… “opening up”

If… if there is an affair

“Absolute value” only once.

Calculate the wife that has forever

Having to give up his wife’s position of “contemporary mandarin”

I want my wife to be young forever and never get old

My back must be like… “parabolic”.

The nature of the wife must be obeyed

A soldier must always be honest

Cook rice, go to the market, sweep the house,…

Quan called… well, she said yes right away.

Love will smile all day

Quan hates… soldiers will be exiled to hard labor

Anyone who laughs and criticizes

Blame it… love your wife, but who… stupid.

The nature of having to… learn many times

If not apply hundred percent… lose!!!

HAPPY 10/20

Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day
Wishing you, congratulating you everywhere
Happy, beautiful, lucky
Charming, beautiful as a flower.
Brothers are zealous and caring
You just rushed to send gifts
All the words or the heart is satisfied
Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day!

HAPPY 10/20

Poem: BAO 10/20

This flower my husband gave me
It’s Vietnamese Women’s Day
Take a picture and show it off
Send facebook village gloating and laughing
Hey hey my husband
Lip flowers I give as a thank you
Suddenly, I heard it in my stomach
Blink your eyes, I’ll pick up the needle
Come to my ear to crave ice cream
So the two of them let go of the curtain
Suddenly thunder and lightning came
It’s raining and windy at my house tonight.

10/20 poem for teachers

Today under the roof of this school
In that October, there is the twenty-first day
Beautiful and charming girls
Wearing a beautiful Ao Dai, smiling like a flower
Here comes a gift
The main spirit to give her
How many years driving the ferry?
Transfer knowledge to the receiver
We promise to be diligent
In order not to betray the heart she gave
On Women’s Day, welcome
Wish you always rosy and youthful
Steady career success
Bringing generations to the future.

10/20 poem for mom

Pink carnation
All my life, I only know for my husband’s sake
Perseverance, Indomitable Iron Son
Wishing Mother: Forever beautiful and majestic.

10/20 poem for friends

The eighth and then the twenty
Ladies and gentlemen, smiling like flowers
Men washing dishes and sweeping the house
Clean up and make tea for her
Done ready to buy things
Beautiful lipstick dress, watch ai phon…
Who doesn’t have a soul?
The more I think about it, the more nervous I feel
May God bless you
An independent day for my man

Meaningful poem on October 20: Congratulations to all women

Whether failure or success

Whether fluffy or working

Whether unemployed or looking for a job

Are you having a party or at home?

Whether old or young

Whether you are about to give birth or are not married

Whether it’s a dragon or a shrimp

Drinking beer or iced tea

Smoking… cigarette or not

Whether meritorious or guilty

Whether swimming or karate,

Whether by car or by foot… 20/10 happy happy!

In addition to the poems about October 20 above, you can refer to more meaningful October 20 wishes for your wife, October 20 wishes for your mother, October 20 wishes for your lover, October 20 wishes. for friends…


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