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Of the 4 listening-speaking-reading-writing skills when learning English, most learners have the most difficulty in listening skills. Many times have you determined to practice listening to English to improve listening and speaking skills to better communicate at work but have not been successful? Read the following article of to find out the best listening method for me.

What does this article cover?

Why are many people unable to improve their English listening skills?
How to improve your English listening skills
Remember important when practicing listening to English

What problems do you have when practicing listening to English?

You cannot understand what the natives say.
You find it very difficult to improve your English listening skills.
You do not have time to listen to English everyday.

I. Why can’t many people improve their English listening skills?

The only reason students fail to practice listening to English is that they are practicing listening is not enough.

If you practice listening to English for 1,000 hours, your listening skills will definitely improve. Unfortunately, here’s how many people practice listening to English:

Watch a few movies every week in English.

Listen to English video or audio 3-5 times per week.

Listen to English 15 minutes a day.

Actions are still weak, not enough to make a big difference. Even if you listen hard for 15 minutes a day, you will hear about 90 hours after 1 year. That’s not to mention on holidays or traveling with the company, your family, you will forget or not in the mood to practice listening to English. This will take at least 10 years to improve your English listening skills.

Why fail to listen to English so much?

Some people spend hours each day listening to English, they know this will improve their English listening skills and practice listening a lot. But their hearing ability still hasn’t changed significantly, why is that?

At first, they determined to improve their listening skills by practicing listening to English 2 hours a day
After that, you have difficulty because there is not enough time to practice listening
In the end, the motivation disappears and they give up
Because of giving up so quickly, their listening skills have not yet improved in spite of the right way

Lesson learned for people who want to improve their listening skills: you need to practice listening to English regularly for a long enough time. Listening to English at least 2 hours a day for 1 month is not enough, you need to be persistent for at least 6 months to 1 year.

II. How to improve your English listening skills

If you do these two things, 100% of your listening skills will be good:

Hear lots of English every day
Listen continuously for a long time

If you are too busy and can’t spend 2 hours a day practicing listening to English, break up the listening time during the day into 3-4 times with some tips below:

1. Your phone always has English listening materials

Your phone is what you take with you every day, whether you go to school, work or play, shop. By downloading lots of English listening materials to your smartphone, you can practice listening to English wherever you have your free time. This is a way to make the most of the day time for your goal instead of turning English listening into 2 hours of nightmare every day.

What type of English documents should you download to your phone? Depending on your current level of listening ability, choose the appropriate listening material. Popular English listening channels include Podcasts, VOA English, TED Talks

2. Turn boring time into listening time

In a day, there are many activities that do not require concentration or thinking, such as driving, taking a bus / train, doing housework (washing dishes, cooking …), exercising and wait.

If you take advantage of your free time in everyday activities to listen to English, practicing listening to English 1-2 hours a day becomes quite simple.

3. Turn listening English into moments of entertainment and relaxation

We tend to spend a lot of time playing games, listening to music, watching movies, surfing the Internet because we feel happy and passionate about them. So how to make “listening English” become more fun? Together refer to some suggestions below:

Subscribe to entertainment channels on Youtube: Of course they must speak English, so you will not need to manually search for new videos when watching.

Watch your favorite TV series and movies over and over

III. Remember important when practicing listening to English

Listen to English 1-2 hours a day. The best way is to listen to English between activities that do not require concentration or thinking.

Turn English listening time into leisure activities by watching your favorite Youtube entertainment channels

For starters, listen from easy to difficult. If possible, you should read many books and newspapers in English to learn vocabulary

If you understand 80-90% of the content, increase the difficulty of the lesson, not necessarily hearing all the words / sentences in the lesson.
If you do not have time to study English centers, you can refer more English learning website Or here to learn online at any time of the day.


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