Practice typing with 10 fingers using Portable RapidTyping, practice typing quickly

10-finger typing using Portable RapidTyping is a way that many users in the world have been applying to become a proficient 10-finger typing computer keyboard. Not only does it help to get things done faster, but it also shows the level of being a computer user.

Currently there are many software to support users to practice typing 10 fingers on the computer keyboard. Most programs guide how to use exercises that are easy to difficult and have statistics to show the progress of the user. There are some HOT software like TypingMaster or RapidTyping.

In TypingMaster, we do not need to talk much with the features of this program. TypingMaster has a rich and diverse exercise library, with many modes from difficult to large, allowing users to select and statistic results to see their progress.

However, TypingMaster is commercial software, so to use, you need to spend money to buy the copyright. Instead, you can use RapidTyping, a software that supports 10-finger typing for free and is also very convenient. RapidTyping also has a Portable version that helps users do not need to install sophisticatedly but can still be used immediately and especially very effective in practicing your 10-finger typing

In the following article, will guide you how to use Portable RapidTyping to learn to type 10 fingers on the computer keyboard post.

Practice typing with 10 fingers using Portable RapidTyping, practice typing quickly

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Portable RapidTyping

The Portable RapidTyping version does not require installation, after downloading, you just need to run the file RapidTyping.exe was able to use

Step 2: How to use Portable RapidTyping

– Run the program with the following interface

Portable RapidTyping has practice modes from keyword to easy for

Beginner: The beginner
Expert: Proficient person

Choose between non-capital wood and lowercase letters. Type the number to the right of the keyboard or type the number of the sequence above.

Type in a group of letters (fjdk or ruei …)

During the learning process, type 10 fingers. When you come to this letter, the finger image will display the color and point at the letter, making it easier to manipulate

The law of placing fingers is like many other software, that is

Left hand:

– Index finger: Always put in key F, in addition it is in charge of the keys U, Y, H, N, M.
– Middle finger: Always put in K key, and be in charge of I key and the “,” sign.
– Ring finger: Put in L key, add O key
– Pinkie: In charge of the keys A, Z, Q and Shift.
– Thumb: Put at Space key.

Right hand:
– Index finger: Always put in J, in addition to taking more keys G, T, R, V, B.
– The middle finger: Fixed at D, move up E and down C.
– Ring Finger: Set permanently at S, in charge of keys W and X.
– Pinkie: Responsible for grouping the P, “;”, Back, Enter and Shift keys.
– Thumb: Put at Space key.

In addition, you can change the interface of Portable RapidTyping wallpaper to create a more comfortable feeling.
So, with the above article, hope you can understand the Portable RapidTyping program and from there will practice typing 10 fingers of the computer keyboard in the most efficient way.


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