Prevent the recovery of deleted data with Ccleaner with Drive Wiper feature

Blocking data recovery, data recovery, you hear this feels strange when the data recovery is not even now blocking data recovery. But that makes a very unique feature in CCleaner called Drive Wiper.

To recover data on the computer, we have very good free data recovery software. If you accidentally delete important data, photos, videos on your computer, please rely on the following 5 data recovery software to salvage your data. For CCleaner software to clean your computer, when you have deleted data to prevent others from recovering that data, follow the instructions below.

Block deleted data recovery using Ccleaner with Drive Wiper feature:

Step 1: In CCleaner interface select Tools, choose Drive Wiper.

Step 2: At the section Wipe, choose Free Space Only.

Note: Not selected Entire Drive. This is a feature to delete all data on the computer.

chan has to remove data from ccleaner state

Step 3: At the section Security Select the number of scans. More scans will take more time.

chan has to remove data from ccleaner state

Step 4: Select the drive to scan and press Wipe to Block data recovery on computer.

chan has to remove data from ccleaner state

That’s it, you have completely blocked the ability to recover deleted data on the computer.

Ccleaner is the optimal system cleaning software and of course includes uninstalling software too, this is a feature that professional software like Your Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller, previously done very well, with the software Your Uninstaller because of the complete application removal features on the computer, now Revo Uninstaller has just emerged and received a high rating from users, although both are copyrighted software but are free to use. of Revo Uninstaller is longer.
And as mentioned above, CCleaner is a system optimization software, system cleaner with a hard drive cleaning function. Depending on the size of the hard drive, CCleaner cleaning time is fast or slow. Please download and use this software immediately.


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