Prevent writing data on USB with USB WriteProtector

Prevent writing data on USB with USB WriteProtector

One of the ways to prevent viruses from spreading from USB to computer is that you can set up anti-copying data to USB by specialized software. The following article will guide Taimienphi against writing data on USB using USB WriteProtector software, and follow along.

Software USB WriteProtector help users prevent writing data to USB. Especially, the software is completely free, compact and does not need to be installed, making it easy to effectively prevent writing data on USB.

How to prevent writing data on USB by USB WriteProtector

Step 1: Download the latest version of the software USB WriteProtector Here to your computer, then extract (you can save on USB). You should see the folder named usb-writeprotector_12.

Step 2: Run the program.

– Open the folder usb-writeprotector_12, You should see the file USBWriteProtector (with the X symbol) as shown below.

USB WriteProtector

– Right-click on the file USBWriteProtector then click “Run as administrator”

write data on usb

Attention: If you open the program by double-clicking the file USBWriteProtector will not open the feature USB write protection ON.

Step 3: A window will appear

The program will default to “USB write protection OFF” – That is to allow data recording on USB. Now you want to prevent writing data on USB, you do the following: Check USB write protection ON.

Attention: – When the anti-write feature on USB is turned on if you copy files from the computer to the USB or vice versa, the following message will appear:

– When you plug the USB into other computers still copy normally.

So above we have instructed you on how to set up anti-writing data on USB by USB WriteProtector software, which helps you can lock the function of copying data to USB and vice versa easily. In addition to protecting your beloved USB, you can install and use the USB protection software available in
Currently there are many ways to protect USB from viruses, if you have ever known how to protect USB from AutoRun virus, how to Protect USB with NTFS Drive Protection Here will add another safe way for you!


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