ProShow Producer errors are common and how to fix, create unique videos

ProShow Producer errors are common and how to fix, create unique videos

Using multiple ProShow Producer, you will surely encounter many annoying and annoying errors during use. However, all are ProShow Producer errors that sometimes are caused by users or simply questions that they do not fully understand about ProShow Producer software.

Proshow Producer software must be no stranger to us because this is considered the leading software in the field of video creation from photos, helping you create unique videos and movies from everyday photos.

ProShow Producer errors are common and how to fix them

Proshow Producer is used to create commemorative videos so there are many users, among them many questions are raised and common questions about repair Proshow Producer error received. Therefore, in this article, will answer those questions through a summary of errors encountered by new Proshow Producer users.

Proshow Producer errors are common and how to fix them

1. Can not type Vietnamese in Proshow Producer

repair proshow producer

Failing to type Vietnamese is one of the most basic Proshow Producer that users encounter. Not entirely Proshow Producer does not type Vietnamese. Simply because the software does not fully support all types of Vietnamese fonts. To be able to type Vietnamese we follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Open the software Unikey your out and switch modes Unicode to VNI Windows.

Else proshow producer

Step 2: Because we use VNI charset to write, your computer must have VNI font to do it. Download Font VNI right here and install it.

Step 3: Go to Proshow Producer software and double click on Layer to correct the error.

proshow producer

Step 4: Change to the corresponding Vni Font in the device and retype the word, you will see the difference, the font displays 100% without error.

loi proshow

2. Fix Error Proshow Producer displays yellow text

repair proshow producer

For some new users who have not used Proshow Producer, this is considered an error, but it is more accurate to say that it is a user error instead of Proshow Producer. It is simply a sign of Proshow Producer that the software you use has not purchased the copyright, to end the situation, you just need to go to the Proshow Producer dealers and software stores to buy the copyright. Soft is finished.

Of course, there are a few other methods of use when users look for pirated versions to use. However, does not encourage you to do this way because this leads to the computer at risk of malicious code.

3. Proshow Producer iLLeaglly Error

Else proshow producer

The iLLeaglly error has been identified during the video export, which is one of the most annoying Proshow Producer errors that users often make. also had a tutorial on how to handle iLLeaglly, you can refer to or see the instructions directly below as follows:

Step 1: Go directly to the folder where you installed Proshow Producer, usually: “C: Program Files (x86) Photodex ProShow Producer”

Step 2: Delete 2 files named proshow.cfg and Please note that you must exit ProShow Producer before you can create this work.

loi proshow producer

Then you go back to see the error Proshow Producer iLLeaglly has successfully handled at noon, in addition you can also refer to how to fix it. iLLeaglly error has instructed.

4. Error Proshow Producer failed to insert music into the slide.

Most often this error is due to the first time using ProShow Producer, not yet familiar with the interface of ProShow Producer so it is impossible to know how to insert music into the slide. To handle Proshow Producer error on readers, you can refer to the article how to guide insert music in Proshow Producer has detailed instructions for new users offline.
Above introduced to you the 4 most common Proshow Producer errors that users often make, with the handling methods that we hope to help you. And above we also introduce you one more trick in ProShow Producer that is writing calligraphy in a kind of beautiful font that many young people love to use, how to write beautiful calligraphy fonts how you read reference. tutorial Write calligraphy in Proshow Producer Please.


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