Protect your computer from Keylogger

Protect your computer from Keylogger

Keylogger is one of the most dangerous software created with the purpose of manipulating users. And any one of us must have certain knowledge to protect the computer from Keylogger, avoid the consequences that it brings.

Keylogger is actually a software but it is always misunderstood as a “trojan” and now there are many anti-virus software that integrates more modes to prevent Keylogger. Moreover, the purpose of using Keylogger is unhealthy when tracking the keystrokes, so the use of anti-virus software or other ways to protect the computer from other Keyloggers is something that anyone needs Must do as well as have basic knowledge about it.

In a dynamic environment with a lot of information like today, it is possible for your computer to be compromised by malware or Keylogger, so if you have the basic knowledge for yourself A key to protecting your computer from Keylogger is the right thing to do to avoid the consequences that it causes, especially when those consequences affect your work.

What is a keylogger, why does it need to be avoided?

Keylogger simply one software that monitors user keyboard operations, but since its purpose is to track a user’s entire keystrokes on a keyboard, it is often considered a spyware.

– Keylogger is always possible today Used to get user accounts and passwords at any service like Facebook or Gmail and more dangerous when it may be your valuable accounts or services, sometimes it can be a banking service so Keylogger is always a danger. head you need to avoid.

Instructions to protect the computer from Keylogger

1. Always turn on the firewall system

A firewall is an effective protection against Keylogger and is completely free, The firewall is available in any version of Windows Whichever system you’re using and even on Windows 10 The fire is even stronger with many protection mechanisms. To be able to turn on the firewall system to help protect the computer from Keylogger, do the following.

Step 1: First we will open Start Menu up then type “firewall“, Windows Firewall results will appear, we will click on it to access the FireWall – firewall.

your computer lockout keylogger 2

Step 2: When you open the FireWall section you will see a green icon appears in the section Private Networks and Guest or public Network that is, have enabled firewall to protect the computer from Keylogger already. If they are red, they are not activated and you have to go to Turn Windows Firewall on or off to enable them.

How to lock your computer with keylogger 3

Step 3: Here you just turn it on Turn on Windows Firewall at all lines then confirm OK, got it is to be.

How to lock your computer with keylogger 4

Step 4: For those who are using Windows 10, you can take one more step in Firewall & network protection to protect you when connected to the network.

How to lock your computer with keylogger 5

Step 5: Here you turn to click on the 2 parts marked below Private network and Public network.

How to lock your computer with keylogger 6

Step 6: When you come in here you just need to turn on at Windows Firewall is okay

How many times your computer locked keylogger 7

2. Update to the latest version of anti-virus software

Today’s anti-virus software usually has functions to protect the computer from Keylogger as well as other malicious viruses. Therefore, recommends that you use copyrighted anti-virus software such as BKAV, KasperSky or some other famous software to receive maximum protection and support because these software are not only for computers, even when operating on the web, is fully protected.

3. Use virtual keyboard to protect computer from Keylogger

Virtual keyboard is a manual method, but it is very effective in protecting your computer from Keylogger, simply because Keylogger only records the operation on the keyboard, the keys that you type and with a tool like virtual keyboard, These operations are not recorded, so using Keylogger is also a temporary solution when you suspect your computer is infected with Keylogger.

Step 1: Open Start Menu up then tap on that “on screen keyboard“to display virtual keyboard tools.

your computer lockout keylogger 8

Immediately the virtual keyboard appears that you can use it to log in or type the password on the service. Although it takes more time but it is very safe to protect your computer from Keylogger.

your computer lockout keylogger 9

4. Do not access or open strange files

On the internet there are many dangers, accessing the website or requiring to download files to the computer is very common among people without computer knowledge. Especially when you download a piece of software that is not of a clear origin or you don’t even know if it’s a famous software or not. It is for that reason that you should regularly consult our articles to update our knowledge for

Also if you need a freeware then is also the most secure source, where you can be completely assured when downloading the software to your computer without worrying about viruses and trojans getting into your computer.

Above are 4 measures to help you protect your computer from Keylogger, in fact, there is no best way to protect your own knowledge. Software tools help you be a part and the rest is up to you. In addition our advice also helps you to prevent the maximum Keylogger intrusion into the computer.
And in case your computer is at risk of being infected with Keylogger, check the Keylogger first with the ways to check Keylogger on PC that has guided before.


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